Considering studying overseas? Discover the globe’s most welcoming cities for students.

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This ranking identifies the foremost destinations for education globally, highlighting the cities that excel in terms of student-friendliness based on various criteria such as cost-effectiveness and attractiveness.

Most Student-Friendly Cities in the World:


2. Tokyo

3. Seoul

4. Melbourne

5. Munich

6. Paris

7. Sydney

=8. Berlin

=8. Zurich

10. Boston

Source: (QS, 2024)

1. USA: 1.08 million

2.  UK: 0.55 million

3. Canada: 0.50 million

4. China: 0.49 million

5. Australia: 0.46 million

6. France: 0.36 million

7. Russia: 0.35 million

8. Germany: 0.30 million

9. Japan: 0.23 million

10. Spain: 0.13 million

Source: (Project Atlas, 2020)

When it comes to pursuing higher education, the choice of where to study is as crucial as selecting what to study. Cities around the globe vie for the title of the best student city, offering a blend of academic excellence, affordability, vibrant career opportunities, and a secure, lively environment conducive to learning and personal growth. Here’s what to look for when choosing your ideal student city:

Academic Opportunities

The cornerstone of a great student city is its academic offerings. Cities that host renowned universities and institutions, known for their diverse programs and distinguished faculty, stand out. Academic resources, research facilities, and global recognition play significant roles in enhancing the city’s reputation as a hub of learning and innovation. Whether it’s the historical prestige of universities in London or the cutting-edge technological focus of institutions in Singapore, the city should fuel your academic aspirations and interests.

Cost of Living

The financial aspect of studying abroad is a significant consideration for many students. Cities that offer a reasonable cost of living, including affordable housing, transportation, and daily expenses, can make your educational journey less stressful. While cities like Paris and Vienna boast extensive student housing and transportation discounts, others like Berlin offer a vibrant culture and lifestyle that’s surprisingly affordable. Balancing tuition fees with the cost of living is key to ensuring you can focus on your studies and enjoy city life.

Job Opportunities

A city’s employment landscape is critical for students looking to kickstart their careers post-graduation. Cities with a thriving job market, numerous internship opportunities, and strong ties between universities and industries can significantly boost your employability. Whether it’s the tech startups in San Francisco, the financial firms in New York, or the creative industries in Berlin, the city should serve as a gateway to your future career, offering valuable work experiences alongside your studies.

Healthcare Accessibility

Health and well-being are paramount, making access to quality healthcare services a vital factor. Student-friendly cities are those with reputable healthcare facilities, comprehensive insurance options, and support services that ensure students can get medical care when needed. Cities like Toronto and Melbourne are celebrated not only for their educational institutions but also for their efficient healthcare systems, providing peace of mind to international students far from home.

Safety and Security

Feeling safe in your chosen city is fundamental. Top student cities are characterized by their low crime rates, reliable public transport, and community policing, ensuring a secure environment for students. Whether you’re walking home from the library late at night in Tokyo or cycling to class in Copenhagen, safety measures and public awareness campaigns are crucial for a worry-free student experience.

In Conclusion

Choosing the best city for your studies is a multifaceted decision that goes beyond academic rankings. It’s about finding a place where you can grow academically, professionally, and personally. Cities like London, Melbourne, Tokyo, and Montreal consistently rank high as student cities for balancing these factors effectively, offering a vibrant, enriching experience that shapes students into global citizens. As you embark on this exciting journey, consider not just the rankings but also how well a city aligns with your personal and academic aspirations. The best student city is one that feels like home, inspires you to achieve your best, and prepares you for a bright future.

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