Rehan Staton, the former Maryland trash hauler who earned a seat at the prestigious Harvard Law School and captured media attention, has now graduated, as reported by The Guardian. This incredible journey from the garbage collection rounds to the Harvard stage has inspired people worldwide.

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Former Maryland Trash Hauler Earns Harvard Law Degree Beating Steryotypes

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Key Takeaways:

  • Despite growing up in a family that often struggled with securing necessities, Staton showed remarkable dedication and resilience in the face of hardship.
  • His inspiring story caught the attention of the renowned filmmaker Tyler Perry, who stepped up to cover his tuition.
  • In addition to his academic pursuits, Staton started the Reciprocity Effect, a movement focused on assisting university and corporate support staff.

Rehan Staton, once a trash hauler in Maryland, walked across the stage in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to receive his juris doctorate from Harvard Law School. Staton’s inspirational journey, marked by both personal struggles and public recognition, received a standing ovation at the 90-minute commencement ceremony.

An Unconventional Path to Success

Raised by their hardworking father, Staton and his brother often faced precarious living conditions. As a young man, Staton dreamt of becoming a professional athlete to lift his family out of poverty, but a severe shoulder injury altered his life path. Instead, he found himself working for a trash and recycling company in Bladensburg, Maryland, alongside his brother Reggie. During this time, Staton’s colleagues, some of whom had spent time in prison, encouraged him to strive for a college education.

Responding to this advice, Staton embarked on a rigorous academic journey. He began by enrolling at Bowie State University, then transferred to the University of Maryland. Staton’s commitment to education was so profound that he would work early morning shifts collecting trash before attending his classes. His sacrifices, coupled with his family’s support, eventually paid off. He not only served as his undergraduate class’s commencement speaker but also gained acceptance to five out of the nine law schools he applied to, including Harvard.

Turning Spotlight into Advocacy

Staton’s story soon became a viral sensation, attracting attention from individuals and media outlets worldwide. Although the media spotlight felt uncomfortable at times, Staton acknowledges its benefits. Notably, filmmaker Tyler Perry, moved by Staton’s journey, offered to cover his tuition at Harvard. Many law professors and attorneys also stepped forward to mentor him.

Beyond his personal academic achievements, Staton also showed remarkable empathy and dedication to supporting those around him. He raised over $70,000 in donations for Harvard’s support staff and started the Reciprocity Effect, a movement aimed at aiding support staff in other universities and corporations.

Staton is now set to start a job at a New York law firm, already lined up before his graduation. His achievements were also recognized during a break at a Boston Celtics playoff basketball game. However, despite the individual accolades, Staton remains humble and continually attributes his success to the support and care of those around him. In his own words, he “made the most of his luck.”

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