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With its endearing owl mascot and impressive array of language courses, Duolingo has found itself at the forefront of digital language learning platforms. But recently, many users have been left puzzled as they’ve logged in to find their progress reset. This sudden reset has raised numerous questions, and to address these concerns, Duolingo’s support team has unveiled several factors that may lead to such occurrences.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Regular updates to Duolingo’s courses can occasionally lead to resets in progress.
  • Removing and re-adding language courses on Duolingo results in a progress reset.
  • Learning with Duolingo enhances cognitive skills, such as problem-solving, multitasking, memory, and concentration.
  • Despite minor issues, Duolingo remains a versatile tool for language learning and cultural exploration.

Regular Updates and Adjustments

Duolingo’s dynamic and constantly evolving content is one of the reasons the app has become a favorite among millions of language learners. The team’s commitment to keeping the courses up-to-date often involves “adding brand new content” and “moving material around to improve learning.” However, this impressive commitment comes with a downside: the possibility of having your progress reset.

“When we roll out a substantial course update, we let learners know through an in-app notification,” Duolingo clarified. “Major updates to a course will sometimes move a learner on their learning path. That’s because we’ve added new content to lessons. This means learners may need to redo some of their lessons, but they’ll be learning new content and reinforcing already learned concepts and vocabulary.”

It may initially feel like a setback, but these resets present learners with the chance to revisit and reinforce their learning while also encountering newly added content. But these content updates aren’t the only triggers for progress resets.

The Aftermath of Removing Language Courses

One of the appreciated features of Duolingo’s user-friendly freemium model is the ability for users to customize their learning by adding or removing language courses from their in-app list. However, many users are not aware that removing a course could lead to their progress being reset. Duolingo issues a warning to users that if a previously removed course is re-added, they will need to restart the course from the beginning, losing all previous progress.

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Duolingo’s update to the Path UI in late 2022 had unintended repercussions. The update, meant to enhance user experience, instead led to some users struggling with navigation and reporting significant loss of progress. Such glitches following updates are unfortunately not uncommon across digital platforms. When facing these issues, users are advised to contact Duolingo support for assistance in recovering lost progress.

How Duolingo Can Improve Cognitive Skills

Learning a new language doesn’t only make you multilingual; it can significantly boost your cognitive skills. By incorporating Duolingo into your daily routine, you’re not only learning new phrases and grammatical constructs; you’re also exercising and improving various cognitive abilities.

One of the significant cognitive benefits of learning a new language is enhanced problem-solving skills. By grappling with complex grammatical structures and learning to express ideas in a new linguistic system, you are essentially flexing your brain’s problem-solving muscles. This exercise results in improved critical thinking and creativity, vital skills in any field of work or study.

Moreover, learning a new language demands the ability to juggle various tasks simultaneously. From memorizing new vocabulary to understanding complex sentence structures, this juggling act sharpens your multitasking abilities, improving your overall cognitive agility.

Memory is another cognitive domain that gets a significant boost from language learning. Regular exposure to new words, phrases, and grammar rules strengthens both short-term (working) and long-term memory. This improvement can have a broad impact on everyday life, enhancing your ability to remember important information and details.

Furthermore, learning a new language requires a high degree of focus and concentration. Using Duolingo, you will need to pay close attention to subtle differences in pronunciation, word usage, and grammatical rules. This sustained focus can improve your concentration skills, which can be beneficial in various professional and personal activities.

Finally, there’s the aspect of cultural awareness. Language and culture are closely intertwined, and learning a new language on Duolingo gives you an avenue to deepen your understanding and appreciation of various cultures worldwide. This exposure promotes empathy, cultural sensitivity, and a broader perspective on global issues.

Below is a detailed table illustrating the cognitive benefits of language learning with Duolingo:

Cognitive Skills 🧠 Benefits 🌟 Examples in Language Learning
Problem-solving 🧩 Enhanced critical thinking and creativity Deciphering complex grammar, constructing sentences
Multitasking 🔄 Improved task-switching capabilities Memorizing vocabulary while understanding sentence structures
Memory 🐘 Strengthened short and long-term memory Memorizing new words, rules, and phrases
Concentration 🎯 Increased focus and attention to detail Paying attention to pronunciation, word usage
Cultural Awareness 🌍 Deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures Understanding cultural nuances in language use

By offering an array of language courses with varying levels of complexity, Duolingo serves as a vehicle for these cognitive enhancements, adding even more value to the language-learning journey.

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Magda September 30, 2023

After last update on the app i kind of lost my progress. Before I was around unit 11/12 in section 2 and it was brilliant. Now I’ve been moved to unit 8, but is nothing like it was before. Previous units are completely different to what I’ve done before and all of them are legendary. But problem is I haven’t even seen that levels. So far now is just sentences, no grammar, missing lots of words (I’ve done rewie
review of previous units but still missing a lot).
I don’t like the new way of learning on dualingo app and is definitely nothing I paid for.

Marie Smith September 27, 2023

Several times over the last month I have lost progress and have had to redo lessons that I had already received legendary in. This is very frustrating and has greatly hampered my advancing. From reading other comments, I can see that there is an issue with this. Has something been done to ensure that this does not happen in the future. At this rate, it will take forever to finish a unit. My first year with Duo will be complete in January and I may consider alternate course to learn Spanish if these issues continue.

Susan J Bartos September 24, 2023

I logged in on 9/22/23 and I’ve lost 11 units of progress. No response from submitting a bug fix or emailing customer service. I am really upset about losing all that legendary achievement considering I pay a yearly subscription and shouldn’t have had this happen. I’ve signed out, signed back in, restarted my phone, restarted the app – nothing! Beyond frustrating

Sierra S September 22, 2023

I just logged in and my Duolingo seems to have lost my progress from the last few days to a week. This happened before, Ana then Inclosed out and logged back in, it was fine. But I tried that multiple times, and now it’s not working. This is really discouraging, because I’ve been pushing myself to do 30 minutes a day so that I can finish the whole Section within a certain timeframe. But losing several days worth of work honestly makes me wonder why I’m even bothering with that. And since this has happened twice, it worries me even more. Will it happen again?


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