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Key Takeaways:

  • Self-education is crucial in today’s era, and maintaining discipline is a vital aspect of successful self-study
  • Implementing daily routines, such as creating a to-do list or dedicating an hour each day to study, can be more beneficial than relying solely on motivation.
  • Virtual study platforms like Studystream and Studyverse can provide a sense of community and motivation, showcasing the benefits of virtual study groups in self-learning journeys.
  • Simplifying one’s lifestyle to minimize distractions can create an environment conducive to studying, highlighting the importance of reducing external distractions to enhance focus on self-learning.

In an era where self-education is increasingly vital, one particular student stands out from the crowd. Oliver Wilks, a coding enthusiast, shared his struggles and contacted the online community, seeking advice on maintaining consistency and discipline while self-studying.

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Oliver’s concerns are reflective of many students undertaking the self-learning journey. The volatile nature of motivation often leaves students stranded mid-course, as its intensity varies daily. For Oliver, the crux of the problem was not a lack of motivation but his struggle with maintaining discipline.

Understanding that constant motivation may not necessarily lead to consistent study patterns, John aimed to understand the true essence of self-discipline. Recognizing the key role discipline plays in successful self-study, he took his query to the online platform Reddit, known for its wealth of shared knowledge and experiences. His question was simple yet significant: “How do you discipline yourself for self-studying?”

This approach of leveraging an online community is a testament to John’s determination and innovative problem-solving strategy. He understood that his predicament was not unique and sought guidance from those who might have experienced similar struggles and found their way through.

As he posed his question to the Reddit community, fellow self-studiers and those invested in the lifelong learning journey came forward to share their tried-and-true strategies for maintaining discipline and consistency.

Establishing Consistent Study Habits

One user emphasized the importance of creating a daily to-do list over seeking motivation from external sources.

“Don’t watch motivating stuffs, they are good but they aren’t good enough, make a to-do list for everyday and complete the tasks everyday. Gradually you will see an improvement, I followed it and it worked for me.”

By setting achievable tasks every day and diligently accomplishing them, this user saw a marked improvement in their learning consistency. Their focus on self-accountability highlights the necessity of personal organization in successful self-learning.

Another Reddit user took a creative approach by imagining each new skill as a superpower that required practice. This method and the understanding that taking breaks is essential helped them successfully complete certification.

I’m lame and pretend a new skill set is like a super power. I need to practice to be awesome. If i don’t like the “super power”, I’m not practicing. There’s tons of powers to choose from. It’s also important to take breaks. I just finished a certification that took some time so I’m in break mode for a little bit right now.”

In the quest for discipline, another user advised that routine beats discipline. Starting with a small, manageable routine, even on a bad day, like studying for an hour each day, eventually becomes a habit that does not require discipline. 

“Create a routine that you stick to, make it small and manageable even on a bad day. And do it first thing in the morning. This means if you want to learn 5 hours a day but can’t manage to learn more than an hour a day then just stick to learning 1 hour a day every day without fail, before you do anything else.”

The user suggests that this small investment of time daily can accumulate to more than sporadic long study sessions.

The Motivating Effect of Online Study Groups

Utilizing study platforms like Studystream and Studyverse was another approach suggested. The ‘presence’ of other people’s study sessions provided this user motivation and a sense of community. This highlights how virtual study groups can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation.

“I use study platforms like studystream and studyverse. Watching and being in the ‘presence’ of other people’s study sessions is motivating.”

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StudyStream offers a dedicated place online where students can study with others and share learning tips. Image credit:

Cutting Down Distractions

One drastic method involved a user simplifying their lifestyle to remove potential distractions. By reducing their working hours, cutting out loud hobbies, and even discontinuing TV/streaming services, they created an environment solely conducive to studying. This user’s story demonstrated that minimizing distractions can significantly enhance focus and allow better financial habits to develop.

“I got rid of most of my music gear, moved to a place where I can’t be very loud (so I can’t drum nor sing as much), and I stopped paying for TV/streaming services, AND gym memberships. In addition, I went from working 40 hrs/week to 15 hrs/week.”

These stories from Reddit users exemplify how personal discipline can be nurtured and strengthened through various methods. Whether organizing daily tasks, adopting imaginative strategies, creating a routine, participating in online study communities, or reducing distractions, each approach contributes to building a stronger foundation for self-discipline and consistency in self-learning.

Oliver Wilks’ story stands as a beacon of hope for countless others navigating the challenging journey of self-education. His proactive approach and willingness to learn from others are just the beginning of his journey as he continues to explore the depths of self-discipline in pursuing coding mastery.

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