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In an unusual academic incident, a university professor, whom we shall refer to as Professor James Anderson for the purpose of this article, recently had to make an unexpected clarification during an assignment review. The professor’s remark, “A chicken costume is not a legal matter,” has since been widely circulated on social media and gained attention.

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Professor Anderson, known for his engaging teaching methods, made the comment while reviewing an assignment in his course. Although the specifics of the assignment and the context of the student’s reference to a chicken costume remain undisclosed, the incident sparked laughter and intrigue in the academic community.

The professor shared this unusual episode on Reddit, a popular online platform, under the thread “What’s the most bonkers thing you’ve had to write on an assignment?” His post attracted a flurry of comments, with other educators sharing their own peculiar experiences and the broader community enjoying a chuckle at the oddity of the situation.

One professor recounted having to correct a student’s misunderstanding between ‘nutrient’ and ‘nutria’. 

“The plural of nutrient is nutrients. Nutria are muskrat-like animals native to South America but who are destructive invasives in several parts of the world.” 

This humorous mix-up was met with laughter and surprise from the online community.

Another educator shared a rather disturbing and troubling encounter while teaching a social science course on consumption. A student, who was also an athlete, took the opportunity to pen ‘total insanity’ in response to a test prompt, presumably assuming he couldn’t fail due to his athletic status. The teacher left a note:  

“This sentence is racist, bigoted, Antisemitic, violent and incomplete.”

​​Perhaps one of the most unusual corrections made by a professor was aimed at dispelling misconceptions around mental health. The professor had to assert that “an exorcism is not a viable treatment for schizophrenia. Failure to pray and engaging in heresy does not cause schizophrenia. There is zero evidence to support the conclusion that Schizophrenia is in fact demon possession.”

Professor Anderson’s comment is a reminder of the unpredictable and sometimes comical situations educators encounter in their line of work. While “a chicken costume might not be a legal matter”, it certainly has added an amusing twist to the professor’s teaching journey.

As Professor and his story continue to trend online, it reinforces the idea that teaching can involve more than just textbooks and lectures – it can also include moments of humor and unexpected surprises.

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