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🔥 published September 1, 2023 - updated December 29, 2023

Quick Overview

TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp offers help with projects and homework assignments using Python, C++, Java, and other programming languages. For more extensive projects, they provide the option to review the work before paying in full, ensuring that you get value from your programming homework for money.

The Good
  • Huge variety of programming languages
  • Helpful customer service
The Bad
  • Laggy order form
  • No information about experts


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TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp’s Value for Money – 18/25

Ordering & Price
Performer’s expertise
Order categories
Order price
A screenshot of an order form at TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp
Order Form at TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp (click here to see a large image)
SpeedPaper Review

TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp’s Overall Experience – 14/19

Order flow
A screenshot of Billing at TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp
Billing at TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp (click here to see a large image)

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Stay curious with us. has been a reliable educational resource since 2011, providing students with the latest news, assignment samples, and other valuable materials. Even with the extensive information we process, our quality remains consistent. Each team member has experience in education, allowing us to evaluate new sector offerings critically. Our reviews are up-to-date and relevant, with impartiality ensured by the A*Help score methodology from mystery shopping. We aren’t affiliated with any listed service providers. Our focus remains on providing our audience with reliable and unbiased data.

TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp’s Specs

Minimum deadline 3 hours
Maximum deadline N/a
Min price per order $25
Order Types
> Performers’ expertise  
The list of known languages/field of expertise
Comments reviews from previous works
Education level
> Order categories (e.g. Java, Python, C++)  
> Discount  
Loyalty Program
General retention program
> Order Flow  
File upload (supports various types)
Сan give files to support
Order progress tracking
Easy to fill-in order form
Includes language, discipline, environment
Has explanations/examples of task sizes
> Support  
Helpfulness of support Medium
Quick price estimation
Quick search of performers
Availability to get extra discount via support
> Security & Privacy  
Need a phone number to register
Need an email to register
Security payment, SSL
> Payments  
Google Pay
Apple Pay
American Express


TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp Reviews

When diving into TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp, we combined our typical thorough evaluation with a bit of a hands-on approach. Not only did we engage directly with the service, but we also sifted through various online platforms like Reddit, Sitejabber,, and Trustpilot to gauge the general sentiment.

Is TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp a Scam?

To get to the heart of the matter, we submitted a Python assignment of moderate difficulty. Based on our experience and the feedback we’ve gathered, everything seems transparent and on the level. There’s no evidence suggesting it’s a scam.

Is TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp Legit?

Is TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp a legitimate platform? After our hands-on experience and a bit of detective work, our assessment points to yes. They seem to deliver on their promise of providing programming assignment help.

Is TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp Safe?

Safety is crucial, and we made it a point to inspect the platform’s security. Throughout our engagement, we didn’t stumble upon any concerns. The site appears to adhere to standard safety protocols, ensuring user data is secure.

Is TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp Trustworthy?

As for trustworthiness, after our full review and interactions, it’s evident that TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp prioritizes its users. They operate with a clear focus on delivering quality service, and from our findings, they appear reliable.

Is TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp a Good Service?

And the final verdict? We weighed factors like cost and user experience. Combining all these elements, we feel confident in saying TheProgrammingAssignmentHelp provides a decent service for students seeking programming assistance.

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