When it comes to creating visually appealing web pages, aligning text properly is crucial. One of the common alignment techniques is centering text, which is often used to highlight titles, headings, or important information. In this article, we will explore different methods to center text in HTML, using the keywords and concepts related to this topic.

Introduction to Centering Text in HTML

HTML offers multiple ways to center text, and we will discuss two main approaches here: using the <center> tag and utilizing the style attribute.

Method 1: Using the <center> Tag

The <center> tag was commonly used in earlier versions of HTML, but it has been deprecated in HTML5 in favor of using CSS for styling purposes. However, it is still worth mentioning as it provides a simple way to center text. You can achieve center alignment by wrapping your desired text within the <center> tag.

<p>This paragraph is not centered.</p>
<p><center>This paragraph is centered.</center></p>

Method 2: Utilizing the Style Attribute

The preferred method to center text in HTML is by using the style attribute, which allows you to apply inline styles to specific elements. By setting the text-align property to “center,” you can achieve the desired center alignment.

<p>This paragraph is not centered.</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">This paragraph is centered.</p>

If you prefer not to use inline CSS, you can also utilize internal CSS. To do this, assign an id to the element you want to center and define its styling in the <style> tag within the <head> section.

<p>This paragraph is not centered.</p>
<p id="centered-paragraph">This paragraph is centered.</p>

In the <style> tag:

  #centered-paragraph {
    text-align: center;


Properly aligning text is a fundamental aspect of web design, and HTML provides different methods to center text on a web page. Although the <center> tag has been deprecated in HTML5, you can still use it for simple center alignment. However, it is recommended to utilize the style attribute or CSS for more efficient and modern styling.


What is the <center> tag in HTML?

The <center> tag is an HTML element that was used in older versions of HTML to center-align content within its container. It provided a simple way to center text, images, or other elements on a web page.

Is the <center> tag deprecated in HTML?

Yes, the <center> tag has been deprecated in HTML5. It is no longer recommended for use as it goes against the modern approach of separating structure (HTML) from presentation (CSS). Instead, CSS should be used for styling and centering content.

Can I center text using the style attribute in HTML?

Yes, you can center text using the style attribute in HTML. By applying the text-align: center; property to an HTML element’s style attribute, you can achieve center alignment for that specific element. This method offers more flexibility and control over the styling of individual elements.

Can I use CSS to center text in HTML?

Yes, CSS is the preferred method for centering text in HTML. By utilizing CSS rules and properties, such as text-align: center;, you can apply center alignment to specific elements or groups of elements on your web page. CSS provides more extensive styling options and allows for consistent and efficient design across multiple HTML documents.

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