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A*Help Score: 80.5/100
🔥 published March 28, 2024 - updated May 20, 2024

Quick Overview

Editage is a service that stands out with its editing. Its editors are ready to check everything from grammar, spelling, and punctuation to structure, style, clarity, and formatting. You can even get a plagiarism check feature for free here (as a pleasant bonus). Notably, Editage offers flexibility with service packages, providing free substantial edits in its Premium package, while with the Advanced option, you will pay a little extra for that. However, its dedication to improving academic documents is evident, making it a reliable choice for researchers, students, and academic professionals seeking to refine their work to the highest standards. Is Editage the best essay editing service? We’re here to find out.

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The Good
  • All-inclusive editing
  • Freebies & discounts
  • Flexible service packages
The Bad
  • No substantial editing
  • Buggy website
Photo of the homepage at Editage
Taking a quick look at editing services at Editage (click to see a large image)

Editage: Editing Quality – 42.5/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It was clear that Editage’s editor worked hard on our paper and read it through and through. They provided helpful suggestions as to how we should structure our work more properly. They also left a few comments hinting at how we could improve its clarity. The references were edited as per our requirements (meaning, in APA 7th ed). Sure, there were a few comments that we didn’t count as particularly contributing to the structure or content of our paper (they were rather unnecessary). Yet, in general, we were left satisfied with the quality of the provided assistance from Editage.

Grammar & spelling Grammar corrected
Structure ⚠️ Corrected citations
Tone of voice Corrected formatting
Citation editing Corrected structure
Formatting editing Fact checking
AI & plagchecking Plagcheck Paper improved

Editage: Value for Money – 23/30 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

As an educational platform, Editage certainly has a lot to offer. It caters to different (though mostly academic-oriented) needs. It also has a vast selection of AI-powered tools which is definitely a plus and raises the value of this service, especially to students writing academic papers, since there are a lot of tools that can help find useful resources. The pricing on the platform is on a higher level as we noticed, paying $72 for our 1064 word paper. Thus, it pleases users like us with freebies (e.g. plagiarism report from iThenticate for free)

Wide choice of papers
Pay by word model
Free features

Editage: Overall Experience – 15/20 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We will keep it real with you – the website was a bit slow and, once our account was created, we couldn’t go to any other part of the website. It kept crushing giving out “error 404”. We did manage to overcome this issue though. And then we could easily find the needed services, which, by the way, had very clear and detailed descriptions as to what they included. The price rate for each service was also clearly described. Working with the order form was quick and easy allowing us to provide all the necessary details. So, we can’t much complain about Ediatge as a website. After all, they do seem to care about their customers enough, to make everything simple.

Screenshot of the working dashboard at Editage.com
Dashboard with edited documents at Editage (click to see a large image)
User experience
Direct interaction with editors


All we can say in the end is that Editage certainly proves itself to be a highly competent editing service with a strong focus on academic excellence. Its wide range of editing options, enhanced by both human expertise and AI-powered tools, makes it a valuable resource for the academic community. While the service may lean towards the higher end of the pricing range, the quality of editing and the inclusion of valuable freebies justify the investment. Despite some navigational and interaction hiccups, Editage provides a reliable and effective solution for those of you seeking to elevate the quality of your work.


Editage Reviews

We want to make sure our reviews stay objective and highlight both the positive and negative sides of each platform. For this, we go on websites like Reviews.io, Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and even Reddit, to see what other users have to say about these services. We then take notes of all the feedback and consider it in our evaluations.

Is Editage a Scam?

No, Editage is not a scam. It is a legitimate editing service that specializes in academic and business document editing. With a wide selection of services and a significant focus on academic manuscripts, Editage has established itself as a reliable option for students, researchers, and professionals seeking high-quality editing assistance.

Is Editage Legit?

Yes, Editage is a legitimate service. It offers detailed editing services, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, structure, style, clarity, citation editing, and formatting. Additionally, Editage provides a plagiarism check with each service, further attesting to its commitment to producing high-quality, original work.

Is Editage Safe?

Yes, Editage is safe to use. The service takes care of the confidentiality and security of the documents submitted for editing. Users can trust Editage to handle their academic and professional documents with the utmost care and privacy.

Is Editage Trustworthy?

After using Editage ourselves, we can firmly say that Editage is a trustworthy website. The positive changes and improvements made to documents, coupled with the provision of helpful feedback and suggestions, reinforce the trust in Editage’s ability to enhance document quality.

Is Editage a Good Service?

Editage is a good service, particularly for those involved in academic writing. We tested it, and it scored well in editing quality, offering a range of services tailored to improve academic papers, business documents, and more. The service is flexible and includes various editing needs with its human and AI-powered proofreading options. Despite its relatively higher pricing, the value added by its services, such as free plagiarism checks and the availability of free AI tools, make it a worthwhile option for many users.

Editage Specs

> Papers and documents available for editing 
Academic (dissertations, thesis, essays, etc)
Books, articles
Business documents
Personal (CV, portfolios)
(editing for individuals with dyslexia, eg., ESL)

Cooperation with Universities
Research & Government institutions
> Type of service 
Human proofreading
AI-powered proofreeding
> Extra Features 
Scientififc support⚠️
Only Journal submission & Pre-submission peer Review
Publication support
Corporate solutions
translation + writing tool and literature search
AI-powered solutions
Other (what are they)
> Deadlines 
Minimum DeadlineNext day
Maximum Deadline3 days
> Pricing & Limits 
Word count-based subscription/pricing✅ 
Montly-based subscription
Monthly – $29/month
yearly for $21/month – gives you access to various AI tools on the platform
Discounts, coupons, sales
adding plagiarism reports/re-editing rounds for free
Referral program
> Free offers 
Free sample editing ❌
Trying AI proofreader for free
Other option
Free AI writer & other AI tools
> Website experience 
Easy to navigate✅ 
Registration (Can use Google, Facebook, other accounts to register)
Can see details about different editing options
The plans go with the deatiled description of what services are included
On-site chat ✅
A bit slow
FAQ section
Blog/case studies
> Working with editors 
Can choose editors or their levels (levels of service)
Editors’ profile to read
Can communicate with editorYou can communicate with the editor after the work is done through Post-Order assistance
> Editing Process 
Helpful & clear feedback, comments
Some comments may be unclear
When was the work returned?in 3 days


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