Did you ever notice how everyone suddenly started talking and using AI? We bet you did. These technologies are on every corner screaming at you to try them out. Some may have taken the fact as is giving it the benefit of the doubt. But we reckon you are not one of those people. No, you don’t want to risk your time and effort just to try something out. What if we told you though, exactly why you should use AI writing tools? We will lay out all the advantages in front of you and you would only need to decide whether to take our word for it or see if everything works like that for yourself.

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So, Why Should You Be Using All Those AI Writing Tools?

The main reason every other published article will give you is – increased productivity. However, these word is only the tip of the iceberg. Or, better say, it’s an umbrella term for every benefit you get when using an AI writing tool. These include time-saving, budgeting, increased efficiency, faster research, and improved text. Yet, even this mentioned list of advantages won’t tell you much about why you should go out of your way, step out of your comfort zone, and try AI for your writing. So let’s not waste time and figure out what stands behind each of the words we said.

Why Should I Use AI Writing Tool?


This is the most obvious benefit of any AI-powered writing tool you may find online, and you can even not doubt it for a second. You see, these technologies use special algorithms that skim through all the information for the specifically mentioned topic in a matter of seconds. And not only do they search through this information, but they also simultaneously analyze it. That’s how AI tools manage to produce 300, 500, or even 1000-word texts in just a couple of minutes (usually 1 or 2). So yeah, if you are a person who struggles with finishing their writing tasks (completing essays, filling out documents, or writing a plan for the day), AI-powered assistants will be able to help you minimize stalling and get over any type of text crafting quickly and effortlessly.


It’s no secret that you have to pay for any type of content. You need an article for your website? Go fetch a content creator, pay them money, and you will get your article. Even assuming you don’t want to finish your college work and you would ask someone to do it for you (which is not recommended of course) you would still need to lure them in with some kind of a bargain.

To be fair, you don’t get to work with AI writing tools for free. Still, it’s usually much cheaper to work with them, especially if you are looking for ways to upscale your content creation. As we established, their algorithms work very quickly, so you can produce as many articles as you want, 10-20-89, per day. If you were to work with people, you would pay for each of these texts. So yeah, it does save you a coin. Not to mention that there are AI writing tools (like AcademicHelp AI Essay Writer or Quillbot, for example) that allow you to use their platforms for free. Surely, there are limitations to such a use, but it still provides more opportunities than constantly looking and paying for someone to finish writing for you.


Efficiency is an abstract term that means the ratio between effort and time put into producing quality work is positive. So when you spend less time crafting valuable content you are being efficient. That’s why AI writing tools are game-changers for improving any writer’s efficiency, particularly for those juggling hefty workloads or tight deadlines. As we found, they save time, money, and effort used to organize and carry out the writing process. In addition, they can spark creativity in places and people that usually struggle with it.

Why Should I Use AI Writing Tool?

For example, professionals like finance experts, coders, or researchers, who may not possess polished writing skills, can use AI platforms as invaluable writing assistants. After all, they can turn complex data or technical jargon into clear, engaging prose in no time. This means less time fretting over crafting perfect sentences and more time focusing on core responsibilities. In marketing and article creation, AI writing tools are also greatly used for improving efficiency. There, they can help to streamline content creation and create a more structured content strategy, ultimately increasing overall productivity and effectiveness.

Fast Research

We have found before that thanks to special algorithms, AI tools can scan through massive amounts of data, analyze it, and provide you with a response based on that information. That’s why ultimately, it’s the best tool for quick research. Of course, most of those AI (like ChatGPT) won’t give you active links but they can provide you with names of authors and works that are most related to your topic of interest. This can be useful if you are:

  • a student who writes research papers, literature analysis, book reviews
  • want to create an article that will accumulate previous findings
  • need to find sources that would support their arguments (in a debate or in written work)
  • a writer working on a book with great detalization of facts/places/characters
  • need to prepare for a history lesson (or any lesson for that matter)
  • just interested in learning more facts about random subjects (frogs, for example)

Improved Text

Finally, the last advantage we wanted to mention is the quality of the text. You will hear a lot (and from us too) that AI writing tools are very far from perfect. And yes, most of the time you will see them produce very generic responses. Nonetheless, they are built on learning. So, if you give some of these platforms your own writings, they can analyze them and start creating something similar, keeping up with your tone of voice and style, leaving out all ‘human’ errors – grammar mistakes, structural and logical inconsistencies, and misspelled words. You can also ask such AI to proofread your texts on the premise of readability, flow, and clarity and they will provide you a detailed analysis of what might need improvement.

Possible Cons of Working with AI Writing Tools

We always try to stay at the forefront of objectivity and fairness. And, as we told you why you should work with an AI writing tool, we also want to make a little side note on the possible drawbacks of such work. We wouldn’t say that these are major reasons to prevent you from working with these tools. No, it’s more or less just quirks of AI technology that you just need to be aware of so they won’t turn into obstacles.

  • The first hiccup you might encounter is the lack of a unique voice in AI-generated content. These tools tend to recycle existing material, leading to a certain sameness in output that might not align with your brand’s distinct personality.
  • Then there’s the challenge of reliability. While AI is brilliant, it’s not perfect. You can expect the odd grammar or a sentence that doesn’t quite hit the mark. And let’s not forget the emotional aspect. AI struggles to replicate the warmth and relatability of human writing, which can make your content feel a tad robotic.
  • And finally, there’s the risk of inadvertently stepping on copyright toes. AI tools pull from vast databases, and while they’re getting smarter, they’re not yet at the point where they can guarantee 100% originality.

So yeah, while AI writing tools offer incredible advantages, it’s wise to keep these ‘risk factors’ in mind and use them as part of a balanced content creation strategy.


Overall, it’s up to you whether to use the AI writing tool you were looking at or not. As we see it, the benefits largely outweigh the possible pitfalls, especially if you will be working with this technology wisely. Alternatively, you can start by trying out free options – see how you like them. Check out our AcademicHelp AI Writer to not go too far. You will be able to creat 3 different texts a day for free here and see whether you enjoy the work process or not. In case you like it or want to check out other tools, you can also go on our website to check out our reviews and top lists of the most effective platforms available online.


How does an AI writing tool improve writing efficiency?

An AI writing tool streamlines the writing process by rapidly generating content and offering real-time suggestions for improvements. It can significantly reduce the time spent on research, drafting, and editing, allowing writers to focus more on refining their ideas and less on the mechanics of writing. This increased efficiency can be particularly beneficial for those facing tight deadlines or managing large volumes of work.

Can an AI writing tool help with grammar and spelling errors?

Yes, AI writing tools are equipped with advanced algorithms that can detect and correct grammar and spelling errors in real-time (Grammarly basically works off of that). They can also suggest better word choices and sentence structures, ensuring that your writing is not only error-free but also clear and concise. This feature is especially useful for non-native English speakers or those who struggle with grammar and spelling.

How does an AI writing tool compare to human writers?

Such tools can produce content quickly and accurately, making them valuable for generating drafts or basic content. They may lack the creativity, emotional depth, and nuanced understanding of language that human writers possess, though. While AI can be a powerful tool for efficiency and accuracy, it is currently best used in conjunction with human writers to achieve the highest quality of writing. Human writers bring creativity, empathy, and personal experience to their writing, which AI has yet to replicate fully.


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