Citing sources accurately is a cornerstone of academic and professional writing, especially when referring to information from government websites.

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The American Psychological Association (APA) style provides a clear and consistent format for referencing these sources, ensuring that readers can easily locate and verify the information you include in your work. With this article, we offer you a simple guide on how to cite government websites in APA format, alongside detailed examples to help you get to know the citation process better.

APA Citation for Government Websites

Government websites may serve as an important source of authoritative information. Whether you’re referencing statistical data, public policies, or regulatory guidelines, it’s essential to cite these sources correctly to maintain the credibility of your work. APA style, one of the most commonly used citation formats, offers specific guidelines for citing online government documents and webpages.

Key Components of a Government Website Citation in APA Style

A proper citation of a government website in APA format requires several key pieces of information:

  • Author(s) of the government website: This could be a specific department, agency, or even a government official. If no individual author is listed, the government agency that published the document or webpage can be considered the author.
  • Date of publication: When citing government documents, including the year, month, and day of publication is crucial. If no date is provided, use “n.d.” to indicate “no date.”
  • Title of the webpage: The specific title of the webpage should be italicized.
  • Title of the website: This refers to the broader website, such as the name of the agency or department.
  • URL: The complete web address leading directly to the document or page, including “http://” or “https://”.

The general format for citing a government website in APA style is as follows:

Let’s break down the process with specific examples to illustrate how to apply these guidelines in practice.

Example 1: A Website by a Government Agency with No Date

In this example:

  • The Office for Human Research Protections is the author.
  • (n.d.) indicates no date of publication.
  • The title of the webpage is “Becoming a research volunteer: It’s your decision” and is italicized.
  • The title of the website is the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.
  • The URL is provided in full.

Example 2: A Website by a Government Agency with a Specific Publication Date


  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the author.
  • The date of publication is (2018, Oct 19).
  • The title of the webpage is “Managing someone else’s money: Guidebooks for financial caregivers” and is italicized.
  • Since the author and the website name are the same, the website name is omitted.
  • The URL is provided.

Special Considerations

🚫 When the author and the website name are identical: Omit the website name from the citation to avoid redundancy.

📝 For documents with 21 or more authors: List the first 19 authors, followed by an ellipsis (…), and then add the final author’s name.

📖 In-text citations: For APA in-text citations, you can simply refer to the government agency and the year of publication within the body of your text. For example: (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 2018).

Citing government websites in APA format requires attention to detail and an understanding of the core elements of a citation. By following the guidelines outlined in this article and using the examples as a template, you can accurately and consistently cite government sources in your work.


What information do I need to include for the author(s) of a government website?

For the author(s) of a government website, provide the last name andinitials of up to 20 authors, with the last name preceded by an ampersand (&). If there are 21 or more authors, include the first 19 names followed by an ellipsis (…) and add the last author’s name.

How should I format the date of publication when citing a government website in APA style?

When citing a government website, format the date of publication by providing the year, month, and day in brackets, followed by a full stop. For example, (2019, June 13).

What is the title format for the specific webpage when citing a government website in APA style?

The title of the specific webpage should be italicized when citing a government website in APA style.

How should I handle citations for government websites in APA style if the author and website name are the same?

If the author and website name are the same for a government website citation in APA style, you should omit the website name from the citation.

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