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A*Help Score: 57/100
🔥 published June 27, 2024 - updated July 16, 2024

Quick Overview

Smodin offers a cost-effective and versatile essay grading tool that can be accessed for free with a daily limit or through affordable subscription plans starting at $15 per month. Its Essay Checker evaluates various aspects including readability, clarity, organization, engagement, originality, and even critical and analytical thinking. Users can customize the grading criteria according to specific assignment requirements, making it helpful for both teachers and students. Despite its thorough analysis capabilities, Smodin’s grading form is somewhat inconvenient to complete. The feedback too can be inconsistent, with similar results for essays of different quality. While it provides useful insights and recommendations, Smodin’s reliability as a quality grading tool is limited, reflected by its 57/100 A*Help score.

The Good
  • Customizable grading system
  • Detailed feedback
  • Affordable pricing
The Bad
  • Inconvenient fill-out form
  • Not accurate grading

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Smodin AI Grader Review
Checking out the Smodin AI Grader tool (click to see a bigger picture)

Smodin AI Grader: Grading Quality  — 19/60 ⭐️⭐️

Smodin had a promising start offering the detailed grading form for us to fill out. Unfortunately, the results weren’t so great. Smodin did give us a thorough overview of the structure and clarity of both essays as well as noted how both works could be improved. Yet, it marked both texts with the same results – 89% (B), which is weird considering one was clearly worse than the other. Additionally, even though Smodin’s tool gave some analysis of the content and whether it covered the topic fully, it wasn’t sufficient. And when reading both reports it seemed like they repeated one another. What can we say? Smodin may be good for a quick check and getting a few recommendations for work improvement, but we wouldn’t go as far as relying on it when grading students’ work.

👍Well-Written Essay 👎Poorly-Written Essay
Given Grade89%
Not greatGeneral feedback with strong/weak pointsNot great
PerfectEssay structurePerfect
FineTopic focusNot great
Doesn’t checkSpelling and GrammarDoesn’t check
Doesn’t checkCitationsDoesn’t check

Smodin AI Grader: Value for Money — 15/20 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Smodin is an affordable multitool that either can be accessed for free (with a limit of 3 credits per day) or for a monthly subscription of $15. Its Essay Checker offers a variety of aspects to analyze: readability, clarity, organization, engagement, originality, support, and even critical and analytical thinking presented in the writing. So yeah, it does offer a thorough analysis of texts. The grading platform also allows to customize the future analysis according to specific assignment requirements, which is always a great plus both for teachers and students. In general, Smodin seems to offer quite a bunch of perks at a considerate price.

Pricing & Subscriptions
Grading Aspects
Grading Platform

Smodin AI Grader: Overall Experience — 13/20 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Smodin was easy to register and work with. The grading form was very detailed, but we need to note that it was also a bit hard to fill out. It stretched out on two pages when it could have been made on just one screen. Aside from this small trouble, there weren’t any other issues on the technical side – Smodin worked simply and quickly.

A screenshot of the Grading Form at Smodin AI Grader
Grading Form at Smodin AI Grader (click to see a bigger image)
Website Experience


Smodin AI Grader is a great tool for getting feedback regarding the described topic, logical structure of writing, and cohesiveness. It also allows you to customize the grading criteria according to specific academic rubrics, which makes it an especially appealing choice for educators. However, the results provided by the service are not as reliable as we would wish them to be. Thus, even if you decide to use this tool, always approach its analysis critically.


Is Smodin AI Grader Good?

Smodin AI Grader is not the best essay-checking tool it can find. Nonetheless, this service can be particularly helpful for teachers because of its high customization capabilities. As to the students, they can also benefit from the platform’s detailed analysis of text, especially if they are looking to improve topic discussion, structure, and cohesiveness of their works.

Is Smodin AI Grader Legit?

Smodin AI Grader is part of a powerful platform that has been in the market of online AI tools for quite some time and has an established database of users. That’s why we can assure you that this is a legitimate service provider in its niche.

Is Smodin AI Graderr Safe?

Yes, Smodin AI Grader is safe to use. It doesn’t require any unnecessary personal details for registration and the payments made on the platform are protected with special encryption mechanisms.

Smodin AI Grader: Specs

> Pricing & Subscriptions 
Free plan/trial
3 daily credits
Monthly subscription
Essentials – $15/month
Productive – $29/month
Ultimate – $79/month
Annual subscription
Essentials – $12/month
Productive – $24/month
Ultimate – $63/month
> What is graded by the service 
Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar
Engagement, originality, support
AI & Plagiarism Detection
> Grading Platform 
Can specify study level/grade/subject
Study level
Topic & Answer Objective
> Website experience 
Easy to navigate
Advertisements on the page
Registration (Can use Google, Facebook, or other accounts to register)
Can sign-in with Google
Convenient grading form
Shows word count/reading time/ characters
Ability to make changes on the platform
Can modify everything
Can upload/download graded papers
> Support 
On-site chat/Help center
Support Form
FAQ section
Help Center
> Accessibility 
Desktop app
Extension to browsers
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