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A*Help Score: 77.1/100
🔥 published August 30, 2022 - updated November 28, 2023

Among the titans in the industry, EssayPro is the first company that comes to mind immediately. As the largest academic writing helper out there, it has been around for more than 7 years, creating high-quality papers. Is EssayPro a reliable service? Let’s find out. 


Essay Writing Services Dissertation Services
🌟A*Help score 77.1/100 75/100
✅Paper Quality 37/50 32/50
💲Price $35.63 $48 offered a positive experience, from the moment our experts navigated the site to the communication with the writer. However, we noticed inconsistent quality in’s papers, and a lack of additional services prevented our experts from naming this service as the top choice in essay writing services for students.  Our experts found that EssayPro provided an original, timely dissertation, with writers displaying a diverse range of expertise and a supportive Help Center, though there is room for improvement in certain technical aspects of their service.
⚖️Our verdict EssayPro is a budget-friendly service for students seeking quick, college-level papers, but its inconsistent quality makes it less suitable for complex topics.⭐⭐⭐⭐ Good dissertation paper quality, affordability, and a supportive team make EssayPro a highly recommended service for dissertation writing.⭐⭐⭐⭐
Essay Pro Writing Service

Quick Overview of EssayPro Essay Writing Services

EssayPro is a budget-friendly and professional essay writing service. Despite the lack of extra services and discounts, the company doesn’t disappoint its customers with the quality of papers.

The Good
  • Low prices
  • Early paper completion
  • Customer-oriented communication
The Bad
  • Moderate paper quality
  • Limited payment options
  • Lacking discount and loyalty programs

Best services Our verdict A*Help score 🔥 Updated May 2023
Service icon
Best quality papers 86.75/100 Read review Visit website
Service icon
Best value for money 85.5/100 Read review Visit website
Service icon
Best free and additional services 83.6/100 Read review Visit website
Service icon
Affordable Papers
Best overall experience 83.1/100 Read review Visit website
Service icon
Best customer service 82.43/100 Read review Visit website

If we asked you point blank: “Do you like written assignments?”, we are pretty sure many students would start to shake their heads vigorously as a sign of protest.  When college students hear words like “essay”, “research paper”, “report”, “dissertation” or “thesis”, many of them, to say the least, potentially all learners seem to react in the same manner since the flashbacks they receive from the process are not very welcoming. 

There are many individual cases why students might need support from academic writing services. But usually, learners are short in time to dedicate long hours to the search for the best platform to serve their needs. AcademicHelp, your “Education Avenger” is here to shed light on the best tools for learners. 

An infographic with a short EssayPro review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 77.1/100

How We Tested EssayPro Essay Writing Services

We put EssayPro through a careful and objective examination using mystery shopping to get first-hand data and applying the A*Help scoring system as a tool for a more precise analysis. We ordered two papers: a personal narrative essay with a 6-hour deadline and a memo to the CEO with a 7-day timeframe. The basic research scenario we designed included asking for revisions and a refund to imitate potential user experience. See How We Test Essay Writing Services for more details about our testing approach.

Here is what we asked to write:

✍ Paper ⭐ Personal Essay (2 pages) 💼 Business Memo (4 pages)
🎓 Academic level Undergrad. (yrs. 1-2) Undergrad. (yrs. 3-4)
✅ Paper format MLA Chicago / Turabian
⏰ Deadline 6 hours 7 days
👉 Paper instructions For this assignment, you will be writing a personal narrative–a story–illustrating an event or experience exemplifying gratitude. In other words, share a colorful story about an experience or event for which–either during or after the event– you feel or felt thankful. An example might be writing about your experience as a senior in high school and the teacher who helped you to achieve your goal of graduating and attending college. Another example might be writing a story about your experience growing up in a rural community, acknowledging that it was this small, but mighty, community that made you who you are today, and for this, you are thankful. This assignment should be at least 550 words. Underline your descriptive thesis statement or the point of your story. No outside/secondary sources are needed. See Appendix C – Formatting and Submitting Your Work See Formatting your Essay: MLA 8th Edition You are the Government Relations Director at a Canadian business. You have been asked to write a memo to your CEO about COVID-related government impacts on your business, comparing two provinces in which you operate. Your assignment is to write & submit this memo Your Task:
1. Choose a specific business you work in (Air Canada, Loblaws, 3M Canada, etc).
2. Choose two provinces to compare for your memo.
3. Research both provinces – what restrictions were in place in both provinces that affect your business? What supports are in place?
4. Write a memo in three parts: (1) how COVID is impacting our business, (2) a comparison of two provinces, (3)reflections on Canadian federalism and any recommendations for the CEO on how to work with governments to lead your business through the crisis

Looking for more essay topics and ideas for inspiration? Check our Best essay writing topics digest. The most popular categories for custom writing assignments according to the weekly market data released by A*Help.

We sent both papers for grading according to American educational standards. Professor Low, who agreed to evaluate these assignments, explains the connection of an academic writing with literature:

Although an academic essay is not a literary work by any stretch of the imagination, it should still have fundamental literary elements. Joshua Rothman became so interested on this topic too. So in his piece for the New Yorker “Why Is Academic Writing So Academic?” he brings up the conventional view of the academic writing by stating that it is dry and impersonal. However, he agrees that a more authantic and personal approach would bridge the gap between academic discourse and the wider public. Theme, plot, characters, setting, style, and other elements are all crucial to a meaningful written work. All of the above aspects are considered when evaluating the project.

Generally speaking, EssayPro is a solid essay service aimed at people searching for having their papers done at a bargain price. We believe that its leadership position is well-deserved.

Now we would like to highlight the point-by-point review of our evaluation criteria.

SpeedPaper Review

EssayPro Value for money – 16/25

Deadline & Terms
Free services
Additional services
Average paper price

Customers looking for the best price-quality ratio would not probably find a more suitable candidate for fulfilling their academic needs, though EssayPro staggers behind in terms of additional features and a loyalty program.

The service claims to have more than 1400 writers working to ensure a smooth customer experience, and it boasts as many as 1,5 million happy customers.

Here are Essay Pro’s main Value for Money features:

⏰ Fastest Deadline 6-hour turnaround time for urgent orders.
🗓️ Extended Deadline Accepts orders with a completion period of up to 60 days.
⚡ Order Completion Time Our order was ready in 2 hours.
✍️ Writer Selection No writer categories; customers can choose writers or accept bids.
🔄 Revision Policy Offers free revisions, but additional features may lead to extra costs.
💰 Affordability Average paper price is lower than competitors, around $32.49 – $38.76.
🛡️ Refund Policy Extends up to 6 months post-transaction.
💸 Discounts First-time and second-time discounts of 5% and 15% respectively.
❌ Loyalty Programs No loyalty or referral programs are available.

EssayPro’s low-cost pricing strategy makes it stand out in our A*Help rating. Enhancing its additional services and discounts and loyalty options would improve our score in aspects related to Value for Money. 

A screenshot of how we tried to negotiate a better price with our writer at essaypro
We tried to negotiate a better price with our writer at (click to see a large picture)

Service logo
code AFESYP23OS = 10% off your 1st order

SpeedPaper Review

EssayPro Usability. Overall experience – 24/25

Security & Privacy
Payment Methods

Our experience with EssayPro was close to perfect. You will get customer-centric communication with the support team and standardized security policy covered that even despite a few payment options missing.

Here are Essay Pro’s main Overall Experience observations:

🖥️ Website Design Easy access to all functions, user-friendly interface.
📱 Mobile App Allows users to track orders and contact support.
💬 Writer Interaction Writers ask personalized questions for better text customization.
👍Customer Support Excellent communication which fulfills all customer support expectations.
✉️ Sign-up Process Simple registration using only an email.
🔒Privacy No need to provide a phone number; secure payment and browsing.
❌💳 Payment Alternatives Limited payment options; lacks PayPal, Klarna, UnionPay, etc.

In general, EssayPro’s slick interface and feature-rich website ensure comfortable use. No wonder we’ve also included this website in the best essay writing services review. Nonetheless, it should focus on alternative payment methods to maximize customer satisfaction.

A screenshot of our order page at essaypro
Our order page at (click to see a large picture)
SpeedPaper Review

Is EssayPro worth it? Paper quality – 37/50

We sent our completed orders to a US college professor for assessment. They were analyzed based on the criteria applied to college and university students. The papers scored 89.7/100 pts and 58.7/00 pts respectively. The average paper quality score puts EssayPro in the middle of the A*Help rating list, but the difference between the two papers’ scores indicated that one of them could have been edited and formatted more proficiently.  

Here is overview of Essay Pro’s Paper Quality:

📝 Personal Essay 🗂️Memo to the CEO 
Formatting Close to perfect  Poor, below standard 
Integrity High integrity  Not mentioned
Mechanics Well executed  Problems identified 
Reasoning & Logic Room for improvement  Lacked efficiency and acuity, poor reasoning 
Paper score 89.7/100 58.7/100
Paper price $32.49 $38.76
Completion time 2 hours 6 days
Delivery Time Delivered 4 hours before a 6-hour deadline  Delivered 1 day ahead of a 7-day deadline 
Writer Proficiency Indicates high proficiency but variable  Suggests lower proficiency and inconsistency 
Revision Policy Free revisions available, adjusted as requested  Free revisions available, adjusted as requested 
Professor’s evaluation SCORE: 89.7 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; horizontal spacing. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 96% (spelling 100%, grammar 97%, punctuation 99%, word choice 89%). {Formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 80% (efficiency 58%, acuity 87%, clarity 84%, objectivity 90%). SCORE: 58.7 out of 100 pts. Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; page header; section headers. |Observations:| {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 77% (spelling 95%, grammar 97%, punctuation 51%, word choice 64%). {Formatting:} 31%. Reference formatting: main problem area—titles (article); error types—element miscapitalized, element missing, attention to detail. In-text cite grade: seriously deficient (in-text cites mispunctuated, misabbreviated, misformatted; missing 3 in-text cites; ref list incomplete). {Reasoning, logic:} 75% (efficiency 51%, acuity 51%, clarity 100%, objectivity 100%).

While one of the orders didn’t meet all our standards, the overall analysis indicates a pretty competitive academic score sweetened by the low prices offered by the company.

A screenshot of notifications we received about our orders at essaypro
Notifications we received about our orders at (click to see a large picture)

The Final Say in EssayPro Review

To sum it all up, EssayPro is a go-to service for people looking for fast and affordable papers written at a college level. It is mainly targeted at students seeking to minimize their expenses and save their money for other causes. It may not be the best bet to order complex topics and assignments at EssayPro as paper quality in our mystery shopping was split between two extreme paper scores. 

Service logo
code AFESYP23OS = 10% off your 1st order

Exclusive EssayPro discount code

EssayPro provided a special promo code for A*Help’s readers.

Use AFESYP23OS to get a 10% discount for your first order. Promocode should be inserted here:

EssayPro promo code coupon

Negativity rank – 22.96%

We regularly check the reviews on the most popular websites, distinguishing between real and fake customer ratings. We hope that our negative rank can benefit both customers and companies albeit for different reasons.

Main customer complaints focus on payment issues and paper quality. These issues are somewhat offset by affordable pricing and strong customer service. Despite these complaints, the overall website rating remains high.

Why is a credible source of information:

Stay curious with us. has been a reliable educational resource since 2011, providing students with the latest news, assignment samples, and other valuable materials. Even with the extensive information we process, our quality remains consistent. Each team member has experience in education, allowing us to evaluate new sector offerings critically. Our reviews are up-to-date and relevant, with impartiality ensured by the A*Help score methodology from mystery shopping. We aren’t affiliated with any listed service providers. Our focus remains on providing our audience with reliable and unbiased data.

EssayPro Essay Specs

Minimum deadline 6 hours
Maximum deadline 60 days
Min price per page $11
Standard Page 275 words
AVERAGE paper price (acc. to our mystery shopping) $35.6
>Free services:  
– Revisions  
– Formatting styles  
– Qty of used sources  
– Title page  
>Additional services:  No
>Payment Methods  
– Paypal No
– Google pay Yes
– Apple pay Yes
– Visa Yes
– Mastercard Yes
– American Express Yes
– Discover Yes
– Crypto No
Coupons Individual after registration
Loyalty Program No
Referral Program No
>Security & Privacy  
Need a phone number to register No
Need an email to register Yes
Security payment SSL Yes

EssayPro Review of Dissertation Services

Essay Pro Dissertation Service

Quick overview

Judging by the name of EssayPro, it is a high-rank service that can help you with essays and other academic writing tasks. Coming from our experience, this was proven to be true as the service delivered us a research proposal that received 70/100 pts. EssayPro also offered a very convenient writing flow and had a variety of features to offer, which left us satisfied with our interaction with the service.

The Good
  • Communicative writers
  • Budget-friendly
  • Versatility of free features
The Bad
  • Limited discounts
  • Confusing order flow
  • No option to get work by chapters

SpeedPaper Review

EssayPro: Dissertation Value for Money — 20/25

Ordering & Price
Free services
Paid services
Paper price

A screenshot of Pricing plans at EssayPro
Pricing plans at EssayPro (click to see a large image)
SpeedPaper Review

EssayPro Dissertation: Overall Experience —23/25

Dissertation Process
Payment methods
Contact with writers

A screenshot of the dashboard at EssayPro
Dashboard at EssayPro (click to see a large image)
A screenshot of the chat with a writer at EssayPro
Chat with a writet at EssayPro (click to see a large image)
SpeedPaper Review

EssayPro: Dissertation Quality — 32/50

⭐ Parameter ✅ Research proposal (5 pages)
Paper score 70/100
Paper price $48
Completion time 217.29h

The Final Say in EssayPro Dissertation Review

What’s the verdict: can EssayPro help students with dissertations? AcademicHelp is certain that indeed, it can. EssayPro excels in delivering original, plagiarism-free dissertations across various disciplines. On top of everything, in case you need support, the Help Center is always there to give you a hand. However, nobody is perfect, and when it comes to paper quality, poor formatting can be a slight issue. Overall, EssayPro is a reliable service for any of your academic needs. 

Main Specs of EssayPro Dissertation Services

> Order details, pricing
Min price per page $12.00
Standard Page 275 words
Writer categories n/a
Academic Levels Undergraduate
Paper price
(based on our mystery shopping)
> Free services
Originality Report
The Best Writer
Unlimited Edits
Title Page
> Paid services you can negotiate with
a chosen writer
> Discounts, Pay by chapters
Coupon for first-time users
20% off + promocodes for SM subscriptions
Installment payment
> Dissertation Fulfillment Process
Designated writer for the whole project
Personal manager
for $$$ orders a support agent
will track the progress
Submit by chapters


EssayPro’s reviews

We have looked on Sitejabber, Reddit, and to find the most illustrative and honest reviews of essay services on the Internet. Check out our Negativity rank for more information.

Is EssayPro a scam?

We analyzed the website through mystery shopping and it proved to be effective: we received two well-written papers. EssayPro is definitely not a scam and can be used by customers to get inexpensive academic help.

Is EssayPro legit?

We write only about verified services in our reviews. EssayPro has a long history of completed orders and many satisfied customers, which makes it a legit website. This company can be trusted and used for completing writing assignments, which we confirmed in this review.

Is EssayPro safe?

EssayPro issues assurances and encrypts all the personal data collected in accordance with its Privacy Policy. After browsing through the terms, we can conclude that there are no fishy policies you’d need to be cautious about.

Is EssayPro trustworthy?

EssayPro completed two of our papers, and we got them done before the deadline and written at a satisfactory level. It leads us to view the company as trustworthy.

Is EssayPro a good service?

We have utilized our thorough investigation to check the quality of EssayPro and its features. The company scored 77.1 out of 100 according to the A*Help score, so we believe that EssayPro is reliable and offers prices with the above-average paper quality.

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