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What is an Argument?

An argument is a claim that one uses to support a thesis statement. Arguments can be inserted in text in the form of facts, statistical data, references to credible sources, logical constructions, and so on. The main requirement of an argument is that it is credible.

How to Develop Arguments Effectively?

1. Arguments are closely connected to your thesis statement. So, your first step is to create a concise, clear, and meaningful thesis statement.

2. Research the topic you are writing about. Mark all the information you think might relate to your subject.

3. Sort out the selected information. Choose data that can directly support or refute (depending on your purpose) your core idea.

4. Decide on the key points you will use to support or refute your thesis statement. Commonly, an essay has three main body paragraphs, each containing its own argument. Think of how you are going to link these arguments together.

5. It is not enough to simply list your arguments. Each of them must have “flesh,” or additional information and background that would help to disclose the meaning of your arguments completely.

6. Make a draft. Make sure all of your arguments are linked with each other, and that together they make perfect sense and absolutely support or refute the thesis statement.

General Recommendations

– Consider your audience. If it consists only of physicists, you will hardly persuade them with metaphysical and abstract judgments.

– Use only credible sources and reliable information. Try to avoid generalizations, wild guesses, stereotyping, and other unspecific claims.

– Be familiar with possible objections. The more well-informed you are about opposite opinions, the more complete your argumentation will be.

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