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🔥 published August 28, 2023 - updated September 19, 2023

Quick Overview

Specializing in language tutoring online, Rype offers a varied selection of tutors to work with. Their main idea is that you can always make time for a 30-minute lesson, especially if you are a dedicated language learner.

The Good
  • Easy to select tutors
  • Quick lessons
  • Available free trial
The Bad
  • Confusing registration
  • Slow customer support

SpeedPaper Review

Value for Money — 11/25

Lesson specification
Types of classes
Special offers

Pricing options at Rype
Pricing options at Rype (click to see a large image)
SpeedPaper Review

Overall Experience — 19/25

Accessibility & Use
Lesson time
Tutor browsing

Tutor browsing at Rype
Tutor browsing at Rype (click to see a large image)
Support chat window at Rype
Support chat window at Rype (click to see a large image)

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Rype Specs

> Variety of subjects
Language classes
Arts (music, theater)
Science (mathematics, IT, biology, chemistry)
> Types of classes
Single lessons
Group lessons
Bulk classes
Speaking clubs
Corporate classes
> Price
Can choose the price per lesson Corporate classes
Pay in installments/per class Corporate classes
Price per lesson (e.g. 30/45/60 minute lesson) Corporate classes
Subscription plans
15/8/4-hours per month subscription plans
> Special offers
If billed annually – 15% off + promo codes
Free lesson/trial
7-day free trial, or 30-min trial lesson for $5
Community for learners (articles, podcasts, tests)
Referral program
> Registration
Need a phone number to register
Need an email to register
Uses third-party registration methods (Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft account)
Facebook, Google, and Apple ID
> Accessibility&Use
Built-in classroom ✅ 
Third-party video call tools
Easy to navigate ✅ 
> Lesson time
general time of the day (time period) ✅ 
specific time ✅ 
any time
time zone ✅ 
class duration 30 min
re-scheduling of classes
late cancelation ✅ 
> Tutor browsing
Origin (country) ✅ 
Language ✅ 
Additional languages (if the teacher speaks more than 1 language) ✅ 
Skill level/teacher type
non specified
Certificates/ Credentials
Change of a tutor
Course switch
> Payments
Google pay
Apple pay
American Express

Rype Reviews

We at the A*Help team believe that it’s important for you to know not only the positive sides but also the pitfalls of the platforms you are planning on using. We go on Reddit, Trustpilot, Reviews.io, and Sitejabber, looking for negative feedback. We analyze it and present our findings in the Negativity Rank section of each review.

Is Rype a Scam?

No, Rype is not a scam. We registered on the platform and made sure that you can actually choose tutors and book lessons there. 

Is Rype Legit?

Absolutely! Rype operates as a legitimate platform, connecting learners with skilled tutors across various languages. Its user feedback vouch for its authenticity.

Is Rype Safe?

We created an account of our own on the platform and weren’t asked to provide any sensitive data except for our email. We also notice the platform uses a secured payment processing system for its purchases. Considering all of this, we can confirm that Rype is safe.  

Is Rype Trustworthy?

Given Rype’s track record and a number of positive comments from learners, it’s clear that Rype has earned its trustworthiness in the online language tutoring field.

Is Rype a Good Service?

Rype’s commitment to quality instruction and its user-centric approach make it a standout service for individuals wanting to boost their language skills. The platform’s consistent performance and reviews suggest it’s a great service in its domain. We will later our own rating of Rype as well. 

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