The phrase “Me Gusta” is derived from the Spanish language and translates to “I like it” in English. It has gained popularity in both spoken conversations and online platforms, often appearing as a meme. In this article, we will delve into the meaning, origin, and usage of “Me Gusta” while exploring its cultural impact.

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Meaning of “Me Gusta”

“Me Gusta” serves as a way to express approval or liking towards something. It is commonly used in English conversations to show appreciation for someone else’s actions or work, encouraging them to continue their endeavors. The phrase also became a notable internet meme, particularly within online chatrooms and message boards like Reddit and 4Chan.

The “Me Gusta” Meme

The “Me Gusta” meme features a simple yet expressive drawing of a face with scrunched-up features, bloodshot eyes, and pursed lips. This crude depiction represents pleasure derived from awkward or uncomfortable situations. The meme gained popularity through its association with “Rage Comics,” a series of poorly-drawn cartoons, which rose to fame on platforms like 4Chan in 2008. The artist “Insert” created the original “Me Gusta” rage face, leading to its widespread use as a trolling tool on social media.

Usage Examples

To better understand how “Me Gusta” is used, let’s explore a few examples of its usage:

  1. A parent admiring their child’s artwork might say, “Me Gusta. I love the way it makes me feel like a kid again. You have a real talent for painting.”
  2. In a workplace scenario, an employer might say to an employee, “Me Gusta. We can use that idea for the project, and it will work. Let me run it past the boss, but I think you have a winner there.”
  3. During a casual conversation, someone might express their enjoyment of a delicious meal by saying, “The meal was delicious. I love how you combine the flavors to create a unique taste for the dish. Me Gusta.”

Origin of “Me Gusta”

The origins of “Me Gusta” can be traced back to the Spanish language. It became integrated into everyday conversation in the southwestern United States, primarily due to the influx of Mexican and Latin immigration during the 1990s and early 2000s.

Phrases Similar and Opposite to “Me Gusta”

While “Me Gusta” expresses approval and liking, there are alternative phrases that convey similar or contrasting meanings. Phrases similar to “Me Gusta” include “That’s great” and “This is awesome.” On the other hand, phrases opposite to “Me Gusta” include “I dislike it” and “No good.”

Correct Usage and Common Mistakes

When using “Me Gusta,” it is essential to remember that it is a Spanish phrase commonly used around Spanish-speaking individuals. Some people mistakenly spell the phrase as “mea” gusto, which is incorrect. In online contexts, it is more common to use “Me Gusta” as a meme or emote of a rage face rather than spelling it out.


“Me Gusta” is a phrase that signifies approval and liking. Its usage extends from spoken conversations to the online realm, where it became a popular internet meme. Understanding its meaning, origin, and usage allows individuals to effectively communicate their appreciation and support for others. Incorporating phrases like “Me Gusta” into our interactions adds a touch of cultural diversity and shared experiences.


What does “Me Gusta” mean?

“Me Gusta” is a Spanish phrase that translates to “I like” in English. It is used to express enjoyment or approval of something or someone.

How do you use “Me Gusta” in a sentence?

“Me Gusta” is typically used with a noun or an infinitive verb. For example, “Me gusta el chocolate” translates to “I like chocolate,” and “Me gusta correr” means “I like to run.”

Is “Me Gusta” exclusively used in the Spanish language?

Yes, “Me Gusta” is a Spanish phrase. However, because of globalization and the popularity of social media, it has been adopted in other languages as a colloquial phrase.

Can “Me Gusta” have different meanings depending on the context?

While “Me Gusta” usually translates to “I like,” it can take on different nuances depending on the context. For instance, it can indicate a stronger feeling such as “I love” when referring to something you particularly enjoy.

What are some synonyms for “Me Gusta”?

Some Spanish synonyms for “Me Gusta” include “Me encanta” (I love), “Me apetece” (I feel like), or “Me atrae” (I’m attracted to).

Does “Me Gusta” have any cultural significance?

“Me Gusta” is a common phrase in Spanish-speaking cultures and is used to express positive feelings towards something or someone. Its cultural significance lies in its frequent use in everyday conversation.

Are there variations of “Me Gusta” in other languages?

In other Romance languages, similar expressions exist. For example, in Italian, it’s “Mi piace,” and in French, it’s “J’aime.” However, the exact usage and context might vary.

How does “Me Gusta” differ from “Te Gusta” and “Nos Gusta”?

“Me Gusta” translates to “I like.” In contrast, “Te Gusta” translates to “You like,” and “Nos Gusta” translates to “We like.” These variations change the subject of the sentence.

Is “Me Gusta” used colloquially or formally?

“Me Gusta” is used in both formal and informal contexts. Its usage depends on the situation and the individuals involved.

Can “Me Gusta” be used for non-tangible things?

Yes, “Me Gusta” can be used for both tangible items, like food or objects, and intangible concepts, like activities or ideas. For example, you could say “Me gusta la idea” to express “I like the idea.”

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