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complimentsAmong the numerous ways to express gratitude, complimentary letters are a rather popular and widespread means. Complimentary letters are usually written by customers who would like to thank a service or product providers for the high quality of their goods or actions. Complimentary letters can also be written in order to praise a person that one admires, or to encourage them to do something. A complimentary letter is an easy and direct way to manifest one’s positive attitude towards a company or a person.

Steps for Writing a Complimentary Letter

  1. Compose a standard heading. The heading should include your full name, full postal address, and the current date. Several lines below, mention the full name of the person you are addressing your letter to, their position, and postal address.
  2. Make a proper start. Letters usually begin with “Dear” followed by the name of the person the letter is addressed to.
  3. In the following paragraph, mention the reason that encouraged you to write a letter. It can be your wish to express satisfaction with the quality of a purchased product or a service provided.
  4. Dedicate the next paragraph to a description of how you were affected by this good or service personally. Describe your specific emotions, as well as the positive effect from your addressee’s product or action.
  5. Express your hope that your addressee will keep producing high quality goods/services or continue to act with virtue.
  6. Finish the letter in any standard, polite way that ends with a salutation, such as My Regards,.

Key Points to Consider

  1. To some extent, complimentary letters are the direct opposite of complaint letters.
  2. Sending a complimentary letter not via email, but through regular post is more preferable. An old-fashioned letter written on paper is a pleasant symbol and a more noticeable message, compared to hundreds of regular emails your addressee possibly receives every day.

Do and Don’t


  • Try to be concise, but pleasant at the same time.
  • Specify what exactly you are grateful for or satisfied with.
  • Try to keep your language official and polite; no matter how great your excitement is, avoid slang and exclamations like “wow,” “cool,” and so on. If you can’t stay away from those words, run your text through a rewording machine to get rid off informal language.

  • Compare the products or services of the company you are writing to with their analogues produced by other companies.
  • Mix negative emotions in with the positive ones. In other words, do not write like this, “I am satisfied with your product, though/but/regardless of/…” If you are grateful, do not allow yourself to express negativity.
  • Be too thankful and eloquent. Worshiping and thanking are different.

Common Mistakes When Writing a Complimentary Letter

– Being too vague or fancy in your writing style. Most likely, there has been at least one person who has complimented you so much, you felt uncomfortable. Remember this when writing your own letter of compliment.

– Sending the letter through email. Though it is not quite a mistake, still a traditional letter would be more preferable for a letter of compliment.

– Pointing out minor flaws in the goods or services you are satisfied with.

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