Atozmath Review:
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A*Help Score: 46/100
🔥 published March 7, 2024 - updated March 8, 2024

Quick Overview

AtoZMath presents itself as an online math resource with a variety of calculators designed to tackle equations across several math topics, including algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. While it claims to support a range of mathematical fields, users might find the platform challenging to navigate due to its outdated design and cluttered interface. The site’s strength lies in its ability to solve problems directly from equations, offering a pathway to solutions for users willing to invest the time in exploration.

The Good
  • Broad coverage of math topics
  • Good graph building
  • No subscription limits
The Bad
  • Difficult navigation
  • Technical limitations
  • Overwhelmed by advertisements

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Atozmath Review

Quality of Help – 23/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

➗ Equation 📈Calculus📊 Graph
Answernot definitive

AtoZMath’s quality of help is mixed, largely due to its cumbersome user interface and limited selection of topics. While it offers an equation solver and provides related questions for further exploration, the effectiveness of these tools varies significantly. Tasks like graphing are well-supported, yet the platform falls short in areas like calculus, where users might find it impossible to find or solve certain problems.

Atozmath Review
Atozmath Graph Solution

Value for Money – 16/30 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Scoring 16/30 in value for money in our assessment, AtoZMath offers a basic level of mathematical assistance without requiring financial investment or registration. However, the frustrating user experience and the limited scope of some subjects might lead users to seek alternative platforms for more comprehensive or user-friendly support.

Math levels
Additional sources
Visual builders
Solve via photo

Overall Experience – 7/20 ⭐️⭐️

Navigating AtoZMath proves to be a challenge, with a cluttered interface and pervasive advertising compromising the site’s functionality. The difficulty in locating specific calculators or topics further exacerbates this issue. While the platform does not require registration and allows for direct equation input, these features are overshadowed by the overall lack of usability and aesthetic appeal.

Atozmath Review
AtoZMath Overflow of Ads
Entering formulas
Save/download tasks


With an A*Help Score of 46/100, we think AtoZMath demonstrates potential as a resource for certain math-related tasks, particularly for those willing to navigate its dated interface. Its capabilities in graph building and broad topic coverage are notable, yet the platform’s user experience and depth of content require significant improvement. For users in search of a straightforward, efficient, and comprehensive math-solving tool, AtoZMath may not be the first choice.


AtoZMath Reviews

This review assesses AtoZMath based on its range of features, ease of use, and overall effectiveness as a math-solving tool. While it offers a broad array of calculators and some unique capabilities, the site’s design and user experience significantly limit its appeal.

Is AtoZMath a Scam?

No, AtoZMath is not a scam. It is a legitimate online resource offering mathematical calculators and solutions across various topics, albeit with a user experience that could be greatly improved.

Is AtoZMath Legit?

Yes, AtoZMath is a legitimate tool for solving mathematical equations and problems. Its legitimacy is underscored by its provision of calculators for a wide range of math topics, though users may find better alternatives for more advanced or specific needs.

Is AtoZMath Safe?

AtoZMath is safe to use for solving math problems online. The site does not require personal information or registration, mitigating privacy concerns.

Is AtoZMath Trustworthy?

AtoZMath is trustworthy for basic math problem solving and graphing tasks. However, its limitations and the user experience may affect its reliability as a comprehensive educational tool.

Is AtoZMath a Good Service?

With an A*Help Score of 46/100, AtoZMath is an adequate service for users seeking basic math solutions and graphing capabilities. Its potential is hindered by navigational challenges and a dated interface, suggesting that while it may be useful for some tasks, there are more user-friendly and comprehensive options available.

AtoZMath: Specs

> Levels of math
Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1-2
Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1-2
> Other disciplines
Graph builders
> Additional resources availability
Practice Worksheets
Cheat Sheets
Guides/ step-by-step explanations
> Different types of content
Can build graphs
Can create table charts
Can build geometrical figures✅, limited
> Technical features
Solving via photo
How well it reads handwriting
> Subscription & limits
Limits of free useNone
Needs registration for usage?None
Work with formulasInconvenient
Advertisements on the page
Registration processnot required
Intuitive interface
App availability

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