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A*Help Score: 27/100
🔥 published March 6, 2024 - updated March 8, 2024

Quick Overview casts a wide net over calculators for math, statistics, and geometry, extending its reach into health, fitness, pregnancy, and financial calculators. While this diversity makes it a versatile tool for various needs beyond academia, its offerings in math-related fields may fall short for those preparing for comprehensive academic assessments. The platform’s limited coverage in higher mathematics and absence of graph-building capabilities indicate its role as a more generalized calculator rather than a dedicated educational aid.

The Good
  • Wide range of calculators
  • Step-by-step explanations
  • Easy access
The Bad
  • Limited academic coverage
  • No advanced math support
  • Extremely low quality of help

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Quality of Help – 5/50 ⭐️

➗ Equation 📈Calculus📊 Graph

Well, the only positive thing we could say is that the platform does have great explanations with visualization. When it comes to the three tasks we picked out – handled none of them. In our quest to evaluate all sorts of platforms we try to find common points between the services in the same category, so they would have a chance to stand in the competition. Unlike other mathsolver we came acroos, this website wasn’t able to solve even one of our tasks, including an equation, finding the antiderivative, and building a simple graph. So, while it can be good for other things, this time did not meet our expectations. Review Main Page

Value for Money – 12/30 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ offers a bunch of math, statistics, and geometry calculator, but it doesn’t end there. It also has a health section which circles around fitness and pregnancy, financial section mainly with tax, debt, and salary calculators, as well as ‘other’. So, we don’t think it would be the best choice to prepare for your next algebra test, since the range is very limited and doesn’t cover the necessary basis.

Math levels
Additional sources
Visual builders
Solve via photo

Overall Experience – 10/20 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The website is very one-dimentional in our opinion. There is no registration required (and no account), so you can just pick the calculator you need and go right into it. The only thing that might interfere with the ease-of-use is the fact that you have to go trhough a long list of calculators before finding the right one (if you even do), since there’s not much navigation on the website. Other than that, the is okay, since the main point – to enter numbers is symbols – is straightforward and convenient.

Entering formulas
Save/download tasks


With an A*Help Score of 27/100 from our assessment, serves as a general-purpose calculator platform rather than a specialized academic tool. Its strengths lie in offering a wide range of calculators for various non-academic needs. However, for students and professionals seeking robust mathematical or scientific calculators, particularly for complex problems or advanced studies, falls short of expectations. While it may be useful for quick, straightforward calculations, those in search of deep, academic assistance will need to look elsewhere.

FAQ Reviews

This review is the culmination of our assessment of, highlighting its broad range of calculators and the effectiveness of those tools across different applications. Our analysis focuses on its performance in mathematical tasks and its overall utility as an educational resource.

Is a Scam?

No, is not a scam. It is a legitimate website that offers a wide range of calculators for various purposes, from academic help to everyday life calculations.

Is Legit?

Yes, is a legitimate tool. Despite its limitations in covering all academic needs, it provides valuable resources for basic math and other calculations.

Is Safe? is safe to use. The platform does not require registration or personal information for basic use, ensuring user privacy and security.

Is Trustworthy? is trustworthy for the services it claims to provide. While it may not satisfy all academic or complex mathematical queries, it reliably offers a broad selection of calculators for general use.

Is a Good Service?

With an A*Help Score of 27/100, is not an adequate service for academic math calculations. Specs

> Levels of math
Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1-2
Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1-2
> Other disciplines
Graph builders
> Additional resources availability
Practice Worksheets
Cheat Sheets
Guides/ step-by-step explanations
> Different types of content
Can build graphs
Can create table charts
Can build geometrical figures
> Technical features
Solving via photo
How well it reads handwriting
> Subscription & limits
Limits of free useNone
Needs registration for usage?None
Work with formulasn/a
Advertisements on the page
Registration processnot required
Intuitive interface
App availability

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