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A*Help Score: 79/100
🔥 published February 22, 2024 - updated May 20, 2024

Quick Overview

Symbolab emerges as a highly versatile and user-friendly platform for solving a wide array of mathematical problems. It stands out amongst other free math solvers for its comprehensive coverage of subjects from pre-algebra to calculus and beyond, including statistics, financial math, and physics/chemistry. The platform is particularly notable for its ability to guide users through complex mathematical patterns and solutions with videos, cheat sheets, and step-by-step explanations. While Symbolab is rich in features, some users might find certain tools, like the advanced problem solver, a bit hidden within the interface.

The Good
  • Extensive subject coverage
  • High-quality explanations
  • Versatile problem-solving
The Bad
  • Features hidden or hard to find
  • Subscription required for explanations
  • Can be overwhelming because of

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Photo of the homepage at Symbolab

Quality of Help – 35/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

 ➗ Equation📈Calculus📊 Graph
Answernot definitive

Screenshot of the integral solution at
Symbolab Integral Solution.


Value for Money – 26/30 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

In our opinion, Symbolab offers significant value for its users. Its breadth of calculators and solvers spans a wide range of math levels and subjects, including less commonly found topics like cooking conversions. The platform’s resources, such as videos, tests, and cheat sheets, greatly enrich the learning experience. The free version of Symbolab is quite generous, though full solution steps and more detailed explanations require registration. The precision in handwriting recognition and the photo solving feature further underscore its value, making it an excellent tool for students and educators alike.

Screenshot of pricing plans at Symbolab
Symbolab Subscriptions.

Math levels
Additional sources
Visual builders
Solve via photo

Overall Experience – 18/20 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Symbolab provides an exceptionally positive user experience, and we are quite pleased with it. Both the website and app are designed with the user in mind, featuring intuitive navigation and smooth operation without distracting animations or glitches. The step-by-step explanations are clear and easy to follow, making complex math problems more approachable. The ease of formula entry, the absence of intrusive advertisements, and the availability of saved questions and answers contribute to its standout user experience. Although downloading sources or solutions isn’t available, the overall convenience and functionality of Symbolab are impressive.

Entering formulas
Save/download tasks


Symbolab proves to be a top-tier math solver platform, offering a vast range of tools and resources to aid in the understanding and solving of mathematical problems. Its comprehensive coverage of math subjects, combined with user-friendly features like video explanations and graph-building tools, makes it an invaluable resource for learners at all levels. While there are minor navigational and interface challenges, the overall quality of help and the positive user experience make Symbolab a highly recommended tool for anyone looking to enhance their math skills. With the A*Help Score of 79/100, Symbolab stands out as a reliable and effective solution for math-related challenges.


Symbolab Reviews

This review is the culmination of a detailed investigation, including mystery shopping and an extensive analysis of user feedback gathered from review platforms such as Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and Reddit. Symbolab is highly regarded for its extensive range of subjects, detailed explanations, and problem-solving tools. Users appreciate its ability to tackle complex mathematics problems across various topics.

Is Symbolab a Scam?

No, Symbolab is a legitimate educational tool that offers a wide range of math solving capabilities. It’s designed to assist users in understanding and solving complex mathematical problems, with both free and subscription-based services.

Is Symbolab Legit?

Absolutely. Symbolab is a legitimate service that provides valuable mathematical solutions and educational resources. Its wide range of tools and detailed explanations make it a legitimate aid for learning and teaching mathematics.

Is Symbolab Safe?

Yes, Symbolab is safe to use. It prioritizes user privacy and security, especially since it doesn’t require personal information for basic use. Its commitment to educational assistance further underscores its reliability.

Is Symbolab Trustworthy?

Definitely. With its comprehensive problem-solving features and detailed explanations, Symbolab has proven to be a trustworthy resource for students and educators alike. Its development by a reputable team ensures accuracy and reliability in its solutions.

Is Symbolab a Good Service?

Based on our review and a score of 79/100, Symbolab is an excellent service for those seeking mathematical help. It combines a user-friendly interface with a broad spectrum of solvers and educational resources, making it a valuable tool despite room for improvement in answer accuracy and free content limitations.

Symbolab: Specs

> Levels of math 
Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1-2
Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1-2
> Other disciplines 
Graph builders
> Additional resources availability 
Practice Worksheets
Cheat Sheets
Guides/ step-by-step explanations
> Different types of content 
Can build graphs
Can create table charts
Can build geometrical figures
> Technical features 
Solving via photo
How well it reads handwritingVery well
> Subscription & limits 
Limits of free useIt doesn’t show all the solution steps in full details
Needs registration for usage?No, but it is needed for full explanations
Work with formulasn/a
Advertisements on the page
Registration processnot required
Intuitive interface
App availability

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