IvyPanda Paraphrasing Tool Review:
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A*Help Score: 64/100
🔥 published October 25, 2023 - updated May 20, 2024

Quick Overview

IvyPanda is a platform dedicated to supporting students globally, aiming to enhance their learning experiences and academic results. It provides resources to assist students in achieving their educational goals, and one of such tools is an essay rewriter.

The Good
  • Low AI Detection results
  • Highlights changes in text for convenience
  • High quality of rewritten texts
The Bad
  • Few rewriting modes
  • Can’t change the output by hand
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An infographic with a short Ivypanda paraphrasing tool review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 64/100
IvyPanda Review

IvyPanda & Paraphrasing Help — 40/55 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

IvyPanda’s paraphrasing tool performed decently in our tests, especially considering its simplicity. The tool maintains the same word count and highlights changes, making it easy to track modifications. However, it falls short in versatility and sophistication. In our personal text test, the style changed significantly, and the readability was low. The academic text fared better with high readability, but the plagiarism check showed a moderate score of 53.14%. The technical text maintained its style with medium readability. Overall, while IvyPanda is effective for basic paraphrasing tasks, it may not be the best choice for more complex or nuanced requirements.

IvyPanda Review
IvyPanda Plagcheck Results Second Text (click here to see a large image)
Overall Paraphrasing Process
Text 1 (Personal)
Text 2 (Academic)
Text 3 (Scientific)

IvyPanda Value for Money — 13/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

IvyPanda is a free tool, which is a major advantage for users on a tight budget. However, its limited range of features and modes may not justify even its free price tag for those seeking more advanced capabilities. While the high word limit per use and the ability to try the tool without registration are positives, the lack of time or mode subscriptions, along with the limited paraphrasing modes, languages, and additional features like grammar and plagiarism checks, detract from its overall value.

Pricing Plans

IvyPanda Overall Experience — 11/20 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The website experience of IvyPanda is generally positive, with an aesthetically pleasing interface that is easy to navigate and free from ads. However, the overall experience is hindered by the lack of device accessibility options. There are no apps, browser extensions, or plugins available, limiting the tool’s usability on different platforms. The text submission process is straightforward, but the inability to add files or links and download text or files may be inconvenient for some users. Support is adequate with chat and email options, but the limited registration and privacy options could be a concern for those wary of using third-party registration methods.

A screenshot of IvyPanda's paraphrasing tool rewritten output
IvyPanda Rewritten Output (click here to see a large image)
Website Experience
Device accessibility
Text Submission


IvyPanda Reviews

To provide a thorough understanding of the service, our team has gone through several reviews on platforms like Reddit, Sitejabber, and Reviews.io. Combining these insights with our direct experiences gives a well-rounded perspective on IvyPanda.

Is IvyPanda a Scam?

Our experts always ensure to verify the legitimacy of every platform we review. After our evaluation, we can confidently state that IvyPanda is not a scam. It offers genuine services to its users.

Is IvyPanda Legit?

IvyPanda is recognized by many users for its educational resources. Our team routinely reviews platforms that have built a solid reputation, and IvyPanda is among those we have verified as legitimate.

Is IvyPanda Safe?

Based on our direct experience with IvyPanda, we affirm that it is a secure platform. Our interactions did not raise any security concerns, ensuring that users can access its services with confidence.

Is IvyPanda Trustworthy?

During our assessment, we used IvyPanda’s resources for academic purposes. The platform delivered as promised, leading us to consider it a trustworthy source for students.

Is IvyPanda a Good Service?

After analyzing IvyPanda using various criteria, it received 64/100 pts on our A*Help score. It’s evident that IvyPanda offers valuable services to its users, making it a reliable choice for students, although there is room for improvement for their paraphrase.

IvyPanda’s Specs

> Styles/Modes 
Other modes
> Features 
Grammar check
Proposing synonyms
> Languages 
> Usage 
Word limitN/a
Trying before registration
> Pricing Plans 
Time subscriptionsFree
Mode subscriptionsFree
> Website Experience 
Aesthetic Interface
Easy to use
Number of adsNo ads
> Device accessibility 
Browser extension
> Text Submission 
Add text
Add files/links
Download text/files
> Support 
Support chat
Support email
> Registration&Privacy 
Uses third-party registration methods (Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft account)
> Overall Paraphrasing Process 
Highligting changes
Changes by hand
> Text 1 (Personal) 
Word countSame
AI detection0%
> Text 2 (Academic) 
Word countSame
AI detection0%
> Text 3 (Technical) 
Word countSame
AI detection0%

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