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🔥 published March 19, 2024 - updated May 20, 2024

Quick Overview demonstrates the US government’s willingness to make publicly sponsored scientific research accessible. It was launched in 2002 and now provides a unique look at a wide range of research results from several government departments.’s dedication to open research makes it easier for users to find scientific and technical papers, academic publications, digital data, and other resources.

The Good
  • Free access
  • Comprehensive Searches
The Bad
  • Limited Citation Formatting
  • Access to full texts not always provided
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AHELP Reference Finder
Best reference finder 96/100 Get free access
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Best result relevance 95/100 Read review
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Semantic Scholar
Best free service 93/100 Read review
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Most convenient on mobile devices 90/100 Read review
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Best search filters 88/100 Read review
Photo of the homepage at gives users access to U.S. federal agencies research (click to see a large image) Searching Quality – 44/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ is excellent in offering users a rich diversity of sources, including journals and conference proceedings, though regular books are notably absent. Its strength lies in the comprehensive nature of its searches, organized by clusters such as domains, disciplines, and journals, along with advanced search filters. This platform guarantees relevance through a handy icon that indicates the relevancy of sources to your search terms, coupled with access to full texts or abstracts based on the permissions of the original databases. The only thing we believe is lacking is that does not specify which of the mentioned sources are most frequently referenced. Such an opportunity would increase trust in the quality of selected materials even more. Another drawback is that the platform’s citation formatting capabilities are limited to those supported by the original sources, which we’re confident might not cover all preferred styles.

Climate change effects on Polar bears
Newest data on Mars rover findings Value for money – 23/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

As a free resource, provides exceptional value. It allows users to download PDFs, print results, and suggests similar articles, enhancing the research experience at no cost. The lack of AI assistance and a browser plugin is noticeable, but it does not greatly detract from the total value. For a tool that offers access to a wide range of federally funded research at no charge, presents an unmatched cost-benefit ratio.

Screenshot of search results at (click to see a large image)
Search results at (click to see a large image)
Subscription cost
Free features Overall experience – 21/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

As a reference finder from text, provides a user-friendly experience with a straightforward registration process, with email being the only necessary user information. Although the website has a little too traditional, maybe even an old-fashioned user interface, we still found it quite functional and easy to navigate. The website has been adapted for mobile devices, ensuring accessibility and ease of use on most modern screen sizes. While the platform’s architecture could be modernized and improved in terms of speed and efficiency, it still enables all essential functions like storing, citing, copying, and sharing results. Integration with reference management solutions is dependent on the original source, providing users with more freedom.

Screenshot of the citation resource at (click to see a large image)
Citations supported by one of the journals through (click to see a large image)
User experience
Speed and efficiency
Mobile accessibility

Conclusion is a must-have tool for anybody seeking access to a wide range of government supported scientific research. Its dedication to offering current, relevant information through an easy-to-use platform identifies it as an excellent pick. While there is room for development, notably in citation style and the inclusion of current technologies such as AI assistance, the platform’s advantages in search quality, accessibility, and value for money are evident.

FAQ Reviews

We conducted a detailed and complex review of, taking into account both user testimonials and direct experiences. We investigate its functions, evaluating its ability to provide broad access to federally supported scientific research across several fields. Our goal is to be sure that people understand what provides, highlighting its role in allowing access to numerous scientific information sources.

Is a Scam? is a legitimate link to a massive archive of scientific research funded by the U.S. government. Our in-depth exploration of the platform, including its search capabilities and the breadth of resources it provides, confirms its authenticity.

Is Legit? is entirely legitimate. Established as an official resource by the U.S. government, it consolidates scientific research outputs from multiple federal agencies. Our investigations into its operations, the quality of its search results, and its user interface affirm its credibility.

Is Safe?

Based on our research, we may conclude that provides a secure platform for researchers, educators, and the general public to access and study a wide range of scientific information. There have been no known security incidents or data breaches, maintaining a safe environment for users to do research.

Is Trustworthy? is a completely trustworthy resource for accessing federally funded scientific research. Its dedication to offering up-to-date, relevant information across various scientific domains has garnered it a reputation for reliability.

Is a Good Service?

After a thorough examination of, including its user interface, material depth, and search capability, we believe it is an excellent service. It succeeds in offering quick access to a wide range of scientific information, making it a valuable asset for the academic community and beyond. Specs

> Quality and Variety of Sources
> Comprehensiveness (study types, domains)
access to full texts or abstracts
if the original database supports
Relevance (Up-to-Date Information)
> Citation Formatting
Other stylesn/a
citation options depend on the functions and permits of
> Subscription Cost / pricing
> User experience
Integration with Reference Management Toolsn/a
search functionality and filtering options
AI assistant
> Support
live chat

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