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A*Help Score: 88/100
🔥 published March 21, 2024 - updated March 25, 2024

Quick Overview

Scite is a powerful reference-finding tool that promises to revolutionize how researchers access and assess the quality of academic papers. With its perfect search quality and a comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance the research process, Scite earns a high A*Help score of 88. Keep on reading to find out everything, including features, prices, and other details.

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The Good
  • Diverse citation formatting options
  • Access to full texts or abstracts
The Bad
  • A little pricey
  • No free plan available

Scite: Searching Quality – 50/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

During our interaction with Scite, we were genuinely impressed by its search capabilities. The platform is like a detective, systematically combing through journals, books, and conference papers to bring you the most relevant and impactful research. We found its ability to sort searches by source, domain, publication type, and author particularly effective. This means you’re getting a curated selection of literature that speaks directly to your research needs instead of a simple list of referecnes. Plus, the up-to-date information and various citation formats available, including APA and MLA, felt like Scite was handing us the keys to a more efficient and effective research process.

A screenshot showing the citing process at Scite
Citing options at Scite (click to see a large image)
Climate change effects on Polar bears
Newest data on Mars rover findings

Scite: Value for money – 16/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

When it comes to getting your money’s worth, Scite presents an interesting case. At first glance, the subscription price made us pause – $20 monthly, or $12 if you opt for the annual route. However, as we explored the platform’s features, the initial sticker shock faded. The discounts for recommending Scite or bringing peers on board offer a nice reprieve from the full price, making it more accessible for us, the younger crowd, who are always on the lookout for a good deal. The browser extension and AI assistant were the cherries on top, enriching our research without thinning our wallets too much. In our books, Scite does a good job of balancing cost with value.

An image of the Scite page showing searching results
Search results at Scite (click to see a large image)
Subscription cost
Free features

Scite: Overall Experience – 22/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Our experience with Scite was like getting used to a new, sophisticated gadget. Initially, the interface felt daunting, leaning heavily into its academic roots, which made navigation a bit of a puzzle. Yet, as we spent more time with it, the functionality started to click. We especially appreciated the ability to save articles directly to our dashboard, streamlining our research workflow. The absence of a sharing feature was a gap in our collaborative efforts, but the overall speed and the inclusion of an AI assistant somewhat compensated for this. What sealed the deal for us was Scite’s compatibility with Zotero and the solid customer support available. Working with Scite became less of a chore and more of an adventure in advancing our academic goals.

A screenshot featuring the AI assistant at Scite
AI assistant at Scite (click to see a large image)
User experience
Speed and efficiency
Mobile accessibility


Wrapping up our exploration of Scite, we’ve come to several conclusions. Despite the initial learning curve and the subscription cost that made us think twice, Scite proved its worth through its stellar search functionality and breadth of resources. Sure, we hit a bump or two along the way, especially with the interface and the lack of a sharing feature. But the discounts, the browser extension, and the AI assistant sweetened the deal, showing us that Scite is invested in our success. For those of us dedicated to a deeper research, Scite should become a great support, blending innovative features with a commitment to enhancing the research experience.


Scite Reviews

AcademicHelp’s team rigorously assesses services such as Scite, incorporating user input from reliable platforms with comprehensive testing. This dual method assures that our Scite evaluation is comprehensive, capturing the essence of its usefulness and dependability in the academic research field.

Is Scite a scam?

Far from it, Scite is a reputable reference-finding service that offers trustworthy and valuable resources to the academic community, with transparent pricing and significant discounts available.

Is Scite legit?

Yes, Scite is a legitimate and innovative platform that transforms the way researchers find and evaluate academic sources, providing a reliable and efficient service.

Is Scite safe?

Scite is totally safe to use, prioritizing user privacy and data security in all its operations, ensuring a trustworthy environment for managing and conducting academic research.

Is Scite trustworthy?

Indeed, Scite has quickly become a trusted name in academic research, thanks to its accurate and relevant search results, variety of sources, and commitment to improving the research process.

Is Scite a good service?

Absolutely. Scite excels by offering in-depth insights into the impact of academic papers, supported by a robust search engine and comprehensive citation formatting options, making it a valuable tool for researchers.

Scite Specs

> Quality and Variety of Sources
> Comprehensiveness (study types, domains)
access to full texts or abstracts
Relevance (Up-to-Date Information)
> Citation Formatting
Other styles
Subscription Cost / pricing

7-day free trial period
$20 per month, $12 per month if billed annually

You can get a 40% off if you recommend an organization-wide scite license to your library and cc us ([email protected]) on the recommendation email. Just let us know when you do.
You can get 40% off any plan for a year by inviting your peers to use scite. Click here to invite them.
> User experience
Integration with Reference Management Tools
search functionality and filtering options
AI assistant
> Support
live chat
help center

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