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What is a communication specialist? Is it just a person who can communicate really well? Yes, and no. A communication specialist focuses on producing and delivering content within an organization or company. He or she is usually placed within a marketing department to relay information efficiently and with an understanding of an audience (Fresh Gigs).

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Inside their world, they create press releases, newsletters, and other documents that build a positive relationship between a company and clients. A communication specialist should be a marketer, journalist, business administrator, and more. It is a role that is flexible and comprehensive (Study).

The required education of a communication specialist is at least a bachelor’s degree in either writing, editing, journalism, media, and other related fields. Obtaining a master’s degree in a connected field is not frowned upon, of course. The coursework that is relevant to this position is writing, editing, event planning, graphic communication, advertising, journalism, campaigning, and marketing (Study).

The payscale for communication specialists averages out to be around $65,830 annually, with the top 10 percent of workers making $110,080 per year (Study). To put this in perspective, the average annual pay in the U.S. is $56,770. This means that being a communication specialist is a worthwhile and lucrative position to invest in. Experience and skill sets determines the pay of each communication specialist (Fresh Gigs).

A flexible and engaging position, a communication specialist concentrates on creating content and putting out content that bonds companies and clients together. This position requires one to have one’s feet wet, so to speak, in several areas, such as marketing, writing, editing, planning, and graphic communication. It is a worthwhile position for anyone who wants to make a decent living and that wants to work in the technology industry as well as with marketing.


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