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writer at workWhen I was a child and attended elementary school, I often dreamed that students could ignore those boring disciplines they had to attend to, and could choose subjects of interest to them. I can remember how passionate I was about gathering all the information I could about dinosaurs; I imagined that one beautiful day, our teacher, Mrs. Morris, would enter the classroom and announce: “Alright children, from now on, we are going to study paleontology.” Unfortunately, none of my classmates knew this word back then, so when I shared my dream, they would shrug their shoulders. Today, as I am studying in high school, I still have similar dreams sometimes.

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What I would like to study most of all during this academic year would be astronomy. I am not talking about such complex branches as astrophysics; what I mean is a more common knowledge about the universe and processes which take place in the surrounding space. Black holes, supernovas, galaxies’ collisions, unknown distant stars, possibly inhabited planets, solar wind, enormous gas nebulae—we cannot imagine how many mysterious phenomena exist in the universe. Attending astronomy classes in high school would be a great opportunity to lift the veil of mystery and glance at the other side of everyday reality.

Another discipline that I would like to study is ancient history. There is a saying that everything we think is new has already been invented. I agree with this thesis. For example, the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus suggested the theory of atoms, according to which everything in the world consisted of the smallest invisible undivided parts. Ancient history is a chance to find out more about the origins of the knowledge that we use today, as well as to trace the historical path of countries and nations and understand modern geopolitical processes better.

Although it may seem strange, I would also like to see such a discipline that would help students understand the technical aspects of technologies they are using on a daily basis. Many people today drive cars, use mobile phones, or buy domestic appliances, but for an average consumer, technology is almost similar to magic: they know it works, but they have no idea how. Therefore, I would like to learn some basics of engineering to be more familiar with the appliances that surround me—to be able, if needed, to fix my car (when I have one), older computer boards, or do any other similar work myself.

Being able to choose to study disciplines of interest at school was my dream since childhood. If I had a chance this academic year, I would choose to study astronomy, ancient history, and the basics of engineering. While astronomy is more about mystery and romanticism for me, ancient history and engineering basics are those disciplines that can be of practical use.

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