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a student government meetingBeing a student means not only studying hard, but also actively participating in one’s social life and in the life of your campus. Being a part of a student government is a perfect chance to influence processes taking place in the educational institution you attend. However, becoming part of a student government might be harder than expected, and in order to succeed, a candidate should consider observing several recommendations.

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Given that you already know what ideas and suggestions you will come up with during elections, you will need to make people know more about you. For this, you will need to prepare a set of handout materials, including flyers, posters, badges, stickers, baseball hats—whatever you can find inspiration and resources for. On these materials, your name and a photo should be present; or, in case you do not want your photo to be everywhere, use a logo. Stickers, posters, and other materials are perfect for making people remember you; even if they do not support you, your name will be heard of, and this is one of the main goals of any election campaign. If you have some of your school’s or college’s famous people among your friends, do not hesitate to mention it—this way you will make your candidacy more alluring to potential electors (just like professional politicians do). Using small gift items, like pens and key chains, is also a common idea (ULS).

The next step would be taking your election campaign to a higher level, and in these terms, going to people and making speeches is crucial. Now people know you exist, and moreover you are running for election. Your task at this point is to 1) convince people your views make sense 2) make them like you. Prepare several persuasive speeches that cover the main points of your electoral campaign; your task is to show other students that you know what needs to be done, that you know how to do this, and that you are the only one who can do this. You must look confident and competent (IFR).

Taking advantage of technology would be a significant step forward as well, favorably comparing you to the other participants of the election. Creating a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, and even a personal website dedicated to your candidacy may influence the voters’ minds positively. However, it is important to comply with dignity. The Internet is a comfortable environment for all sorts of manipulations with mass consciousness, anonymous blackmailing of opponents, and so on. Do not try to win elections with the help of, for example, posting compromising photos of your opponents, fabricating negative opinions about them on the Web, or tarnishing them in some other way. Your victory must be clean and achieved only due to your persuasion skills, charisma, and competence.

Student government elections are a serious challenge for those who want to actively participate in student life. Running for elections is a serious decision that requires a proper approach. First of all, you need to make people know about you by spreading different handout materials. Next, you need to become public and known, and persuade your potential voters in the importance of what you do. Besides, you need to add credibility to your campaign by taking the advantage of technology. And perhaps the most crucial point is to play by the rules and not to tarnish opponents’ reputation (FRI).


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