Why Boys and Girls Should Study in Different Classes

all boys classIn recent years, the question of whether male and female students should study in separate classes has been widely discussed. The opponents of this educational approach argue that if boys and girls do not study together, they cannot develop skills and communication habits necessary to interact with the opposite sex. However, providing education separately for boys and girls has advantages that outweigh the possible inconveniences of this approach.

Although people today are losing their minds about trying to minimize differences between genders, biology often remains unswerving: different sexes tend to have different learning styles. This occurs because male and female brains work differently. Such differences—and studying styles that result from these differences—can be best explored in separate classrooms. This does not mean separating girls from boys will automatically help increase grades in both groups; however, understanding the core differences in learning styles, and adjusting lesson plans according to this knowledge will definitely help improve the overall quality of education (Gettingboystoread.com).

According to a study conducted in Australia, in which approximately 270,000 students participated, both male and female students showed much better results in standardized tests when they attended separate schools


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