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The dearest friend that I have is Jake from my times at The Evergreen State College. Not only did I find a friend in him, but also a creative partner, as we both enjoy playing music and writing together. In addition, we both meditate each day, and we share in that vocation. I do not believe, however, that we are solely friends because of shared interests. I think that connection helps, but I think the main reason we are friends is that we feel a deep concord between our world views.

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I met Jake at an impromptu drum circle. We were playing djembes and doumbeks. It was a blast to play with strangers and to talk to them afterwards. Jake was one of the people that I connected with, and I learned he was also living on campus.

We invited each other to our dorms for meditation, playing music, and writing poetry. After meeting a few times, it was clear that Jake was the only person I truly bonded with on campus. He was a light for me on a campus full of confusion. I was not a smoker or drinker, like the majority of students. Jake was also not into drinking or smoking, and we found common ground there as well. I liked to hang out with other people too, but when they started doing drugs, it was difficult for me to feel socially integrated with them.

Anyways, Jake continued to meet a few times a week. We both influenced each other. I taught him about haiku poetry and tabla drums, and he taught me more about meditation and playing djembe. But mainly he taught me how to be more humble and selfless. Jake’s personality is admirable. He seems to have no ego, and always appears positive, even with negative people around. He has also been continually involved in charity work, in helping others complete creative projects, and has a large heart. There have been countless instances when I have seen him do selfless acts, and these actions have inspired me to do similar things.

When we both graduated college, we were living far away from each other, though in the same state. We kept in touch through emails and would occasionally meet to take a walk, write, and talk. And these communications turned a new chapter when we both joined a haiku writing network online. After only a short time in this haiku community, he offered to put together a compilation of haiku from the members of this group. His hard work and dedication made this community enlivened with care for each other and a feeling of love between poets.

In the coming years, he came to my wedding, we visited each other for more walks, and kept communicating through emails. We never felt like we were losing contact with each other, but rather that our relationship was getting richer. Even now, when I live in Europe, we still feel as close as ever. I think this is due to the fact that we never forget about each other and sense a connection between each other. Other friends might drift away from one’s consciousness, but a true friend stays on your mind continually.

Moreover, I believe the spiritual side of our friendship deepens our relationship. I have made many friends based solely on creative work, but they do not have the same depth as the friendship between Jake and I. These kinds of friendships might only show up once or twice in one’s life, where you feel you have met a kindred spirit. It is something like a wavelength, where you feel that this person is your friend no matter what the circumstance. These types of friends are sometimes more important to us than our family, and show us the true meaning of friendship.

Though I have met many friends and acquaintances, I have had only one friendship that has lasted over the years of experience and upheaval. This friendship has lasted not only because of shared interests and enjoying our time together, but also because of the deep spiritual connection we feel between each other. We compliment our spiritual, material, and emotional journey through life, and that is why our friendship has lasted, with increasing depth.

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