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I am not a picky eater. In fact, there is little I cannot eat. I do not have allergies for any foods, and I am not on a specific diet. I try to eat balanced meals, with a variety of vegetables and meats. However, there is one type of food I cannot stand: liver. There are a few reasons why I do not enjoy eating liver: its texture, its taste, and the way it makes me feel while eating it and after eating it.

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One of the worst things about eating liver, in terms of my experience, is its texture. I feel like I am eating sand or something grainy. However, I have heard that liver, if cooked in a special way, can taste like mousse (Eat Me Daily). Despite this, each time I have tried liver when it was offered to me, it has been grainy. It is difficult for me to understand people who enjoy this kind of texture in their food.

According to Eat Me Daily, “The most striking aspect of liver is its strongly musky, meaty, slightly metallic flavor, which is so unique that it’s used as a palate reference point for the taste of other foods” (Eat Me Daily). I agree that liver has a unique taste, but that does not mean that it is delicious, or even decent in taste. I think it is rare for people to enjoy musky and metallic tastes in food, and I am one of those people. Just the thought of eating something as detestable as liver adds to the foul taste of it. Though I concur that this has to do with psychology and/or mentality, this does not take away from the inherent taste of liver.

I judge food on one standard: if it is digestible for me. If I can stomach it, I will eat it. Liver is one of the foods that makes me feel like throwing up during and after I eat it. In fact, liver has been identified as a toxic food. According to LiveStrong, “Eating liver can also expose you to some potentially dangerous effects, such as vitamin A toxicity and contact with heavy metals. According to Professor Peter Aggett of the U.K.’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition, eating too much liver can interfere with your bone density and contribute to fractures because of its high vitamin A content. Other effects of vitamin A toxicity include blurred vision, trouble with muscular coordination and birth defects” (Blanc, Joel Le). I have always felt liver is toxic while I was eating it, and as you can see, there is scientific proof behind this feeling.

As I mentioned before, liver is one of the only foods I cannot force myself to eat. Its texture, taste, and feeling I get from it when I am eating it causes me to abstain from it. There is even scientific proof that consuming liver can be toxic for you. I believe I am in the majority when I say that liver is not a delectable treat.

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