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meditation and creativityMeditation has numerous benefits, including the improvement of physical and mental health, providing a sense of peace, and an increased ability to be creative (Connors 354). The creative aspect drew me into the practice of meditation, as I have a natural tendency to be attracted towards the power and influence of aesthetics. I found that meditation expanded my creativity into multiple disciplines, being able to work within them simultaneously.

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As soon as I became serious about meditation as a daily act, my creativity flourished. I had written poetry in my teenage years and did a bit of singing as well, but had never considered them as primary disciplines. Yet when I began to meditate on a regular basis, my creativity expanded in several directions with increased focus.

The first enactment of my increased creativity was in my first love: poetry. I began writing poems every day on impulse—sometimes five poems in one day. After a while, I felt that I was given a gift and I should not squander it. In this sense, I have followed a strict discipline of writing daily. Hard work does add to the blessing of increased creativity, but meditation was my first push into considerably attending to my artistic side.

Later, I added singing to my repertoire and also percussion. I became proficient in both to the extent that I could sing and play drums simultaneously. This act is often referred by musicians as nearly impossible, as carrying a rhythm and a melody at the same time is much more difficult than carrying a melody then other, as in the case of singing and playing guitar (Popper 46). Once again, I can state that I worked with diligence to achieve this proficiency. Yet, I affirm that meditation brought me these gifts first and the discipline that I act upon is also derived from this source.

Besides poetry, singing, and drumming, I also dived into the field of theoretical mathematics. I eventually wrote a book on set theory and number theory. I debated with professors and heads of research committees over my ideas.

But the greatest gift of creativity that meditation gave me is knowing how to teach others meditation. It has made me a competent and confident teacher that is on a continuous search for new ways to teach meditation as a solution to people’s suffering.

When I was 19 years old, I was meditating now and then. I was invited by people associated with a meditation group to stay in a house that was occupied only by people who meditate daily, living as a communal family so to say. One of the members of the meditation group asked me if I would like to try staying one day in the house to see how I felt there. I agreed and woke up the next morning as if it was like any other morning. The only difference was that I was supremely inspired! I wrote five poems that day in seemingly effortless fashion. This had never occurred to me before meditating on a serious basis. Nor was I ever so concerned about poetry that much to spend a whole day committed to it, or was I ever so inspired in my life.

I concluded that it was the cause of me staying in the house with that positive energy. I therefore agreed to residing there permanently and continued to produce many poems per day. Now, after nine years of meditating on a regular basis and keeping up my practice as a poet, I have published over 100 of my poems in journals, magazines, books, and newspapers. I have written nine book manuscripts—which means a new book at least every year.

Meditation has granted me increased creativity, starting from poetry and branching out into numerous other fields of artistic expression. Not only has meditation provided me with the chance to be a real poet, but also someone who can balance many creative arts simultaneously and symbiotically.


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