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Currently, people are exposed to advertising in almost aspect of their lives: business and work, family and household, chores and leisure. Every seller wants to reorient the buyer’s mind in a way that would be profitable for a certain product. But nobody wants to become a victim of an advertisement by purchasing the product or service one does not actually need. The following research will provide an in-depth analysis of the advertising discourse and a set of rules for helping people avoid the damaging influence of advertisements.

The topicality of the research stems from the frequent exposure of modern society to advertisements and the need to analyze the way certain language units are used to reorient the buyer’s consciousness. The analysis of the linguistic devices employed in modern English language advertising is aimed at providing the means to sort out the problem mentioned. If the buyers are aware of the linguistic tools that promote the product, they will pay more attention to the actual qualities of the product rather than the advertisement that promotes it.

Problem Statement

Human minds are influenced by the way products are promoted, and sometimes people seem to not be able to resist buying an item that will have no place or utility in their lives. It is quite essential to look into the problem and find out what causes such behavior in consumers. The research is aimed at tackling the foregoing issue and presupposes a number of actions to be taken.

The object of the following research is the language units widely used in modern advertising discourse, their variety and the frequency of usage.

The subject-matter of the research concerns modern English language advertising discourse from semantic and stylistic perspectives.

The main objective of the research is to reveal the tendencies in the application of various linguistic units used when creating advertisements. Moreover, this research will focus on the analysis of certain linguistic means used in advertising text. The aim of the research presupposes the solution of several tasks, which later on will bring practical value to creating advertisements. These tasks are:

– to define the notion of advertising

– to outline the structure of advertising text

– to reveal the meaning of advertising discourse

– to examine the connection between parts of advertising text and the linguistic means used in them, with the aim of creating a certain effect

– to provide the analysis of linguistic devices applied in advertising text

If the tasks specified above are accomplished successfully, a set of specific tips created as a result of it will greatly assist consumers in making a more conscious choice about their products and service preferences.

Background of the Problem

The topic ‘The language of advertising in modern English’ was previously researched by such scholars as Guy Cook (2001), Angela Goddard (2002), George Lakoff (1992), and many others. Most of them uncovered stylistic aspects of modern English advertising discourse. Guy Cook stresses the fact that advertisements exploit the dynamics of the correlation between the text presenting new products, the music supporting them, and the intermittent changing of the pictures. Moreover, his research is particularly intriguing in terms of what it reveals about the impact of stylistic tools. The way certain stylistic devices are applied may cause considerable changes in the human mind and, as a result, greatly increase the attractiveness of a specific product. The research carried out by George Lakoff is mostly concerned with the mental reorientation of buyers. Individuals perceive the world as a set of concepts, e.g. love can conquer hate, life is a journey, etc. The mixture of such concepts within a certain culture can produce a tremendous effect and bring a bounty of profit to the seller. Conversely, if certain concepts are mixed and conflict with each other, it may result in misfortune.

This research paper aims to present the language of advertising from the stylistic and semantic point of view, focusing on the interpretation of the linguistic means used in advertising text, as well as in the brand names, slogans, and the body of the advertisement itself. All in all, the research is aimed to reveal the connection between advertisements and the human mind—the way commercials may induce people to buy particular goods.

Research Design

Structurally, the research will consist of an introduction, two chapters, general conclusions, resume, and a list of works cited. The list of references will include lexicographic sources such as the Longman Dictionary of Modern English, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Macmillan Dictionary, a selection of works concerning the language of advertising, and a number of works containing linguistic terms and providing specific examples of the application of linguistic devices.

Chapter one will deal with the notions of advertising, advertising discourse, and the structure of the advertising text. It will also contain a selection of theoretical works upon which the further practical analysis has been based. Chapter two of this course paper will be concerned with the practical application of certain linguistic devices to the language of advertising. It also contains the analysis of advertising headlines, slogans, and texts. The analysis is intended to reveal the techniques used for marketing purposes such as reorienting the buyer’s mind in order to sell more goods.

Expected Results

The practical value of the research presupposes further improvement in the creation of advertisements. A seller should take a myriad of factors into consideration: sound effects, images, advertising text, its font and color, and the general mood of the advertisement. An incorrect combination of these components sometimes may cause a quality product to lose its popularity. In order to avoid such a misfortune, many linguists have carried out research in the suggested topic. This study is also useful for the buyers who want to be aware of the techniques used on them in order to avoid the purchase of unnecessary goods, which do not have the qualities they are seeking, simply because they have fallen under the influence of an advertisement.

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