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Diving into “No One Is Talking About This” by Patricia Lockwood felt like being swept into the chaotic and often surreal currents of the internet age. Lockwood, with her distinct voice, crafts a narrative that resonates deeply with anyone familiar with the overpowering influence of social media and the virtual world.

The novel’s protagonist is a woman who has achieved internet fame through a viral post, aptly titled “Can a dog be twins?” The first half of the story meanders through her thoughts, mirroring the fragmented, scatter-shot nature of online discourse. Lockwood cleverly captures the cacophony of memes, viral tweets, and digital dialogues that shape the modern collective consciousness. It reads almost like a stream-of-consciousness, filled with humor, wit, and sharp observations about the online realm.

The second half of the book takes a poignant turn. The protagonist is yanked back to the physical world by a family emergency, confronting her with the stark realities of life, love, and loss outside the digital realm. This sudden shift from the virtual to the tangible is both jarring and deeply moving, echoing the dissonance many of us feel when navigating between online and offline worlds.

Lockwood’s prowess lies in her ability to seamlessly blend humor with depth. One moment you’re laughing at a quirky internet meme, and the next, you’re plunged into profound reflections on life’s fleeting nature.

If I were to voice an opinion, it would be to commend the emotional depth and raw authenticity of the latter part of the book. While the initial sections might seem fragmented, they set the stage for a powerful contrast, highlighting the vast gulf between the superficiality of online interactions and the profound connections we forge in the real world.

However, readers who prefer traditional narratives might find the book’s structure unconventional. It doesn’t follow a straight path but rather zigzags, much like browsing through social media feeds. It requires a certain level of engagement and willingness to float along with the narrative’s ebb and flow.

In conclusion, “No One Is Talking About This” is a compelling commentary on our times. Patricia Lockwood has woven a tale that resonates with the digital age’s zeitgeist, capturing the dichotomy of our existence – living between the ephemeral digital realm and the visceral reality. The book left me reflecting on the nature of connection, the illusion of online fame, and the grounding reality of human experiences. For anyone seeking a novel that holds a mirror to our modern existence, blurring the lines between humor and heartbreak, this is a must-read.

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