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I find it fascinating how the human brain functions—how it takes a millisecond to make a decision while this process may in fact rely upon the knowledge and experience gained throughout one’s life. Psychology is an incredibly exciting and significant practical science. It revolves around human beings themselves, with all the processes and mechanisms that shape their personalities, influence their actions, and help predict their behaviors. Which qualities make each of us an individual, which are inherent and which are acquired, which can be changed or modified, taught or learnt, and which cannot? What does it take to become happy and is every human being equally able to experience this feeling? These are just a few of the questions that have been puzzling me for years.

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Psychology to me is the most fascinating of sciences. It combines matters of philosophy, biology, and human development. It heavily relies upon the notions and mechanisms of sociology and anthropology and, at the same time, it can be much more practical than any of these sciences. Psychology is vital in so many spheres of human life and is a foundation for so many professionals, such as advisers, counselors, criminologists, therapists, teachers, trainers, and social workers. Personally, I have chosen the path of a life coach. Helping people to set particular aims and effectively achieve them is what I believe to be my destination at the end of my academic journey.

I have now volunteered as a life coach for over a year at Valley North Counseling. It has been an enlightening experience, and I have become accustomed to the daily counseling of drug-affected individuals and homeless persons. I was even given an award for best volunteer of the year out of 50 other individuals. That gave me more confidence to carry on with my passion for life coaching.

Every coach has to be a prudent psychologist, and one of the best places to study psychology is in the Department of Psychology at the University of Alberta. As an aspiring life coach, I believe that setting proper aims is the best foundation for achieving one’s goals. My aim at the moment is to acquire as much knowledge about the psychological side of human functioning as I can possibly absorb; to learn about as many theories and streams of psychology as I can to be able to form my own opinion; and create my own toolkit of practical approaches to helping my future and current clients. I believe the experienced and knowledgeable staff of your department will be the best mentors I can possibly imagine. Enrolling in the Program of Psychology at the University of Alberta is the first step I set for myself on the way to achieving the mission of my life: becoming an influential life coach.

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