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My focus on theoretical mathematics began after I received my B.A. in Writing from The Evergreen State College. My introduction to the subject was when, after one and half years after receiving my B.A., I vied to explain limits and the unlimited in a simple format to the public. I was directed to the field mathematics by a coworker at the University of Washington Bothell Writing Center in order to examine my philosophical theories further through the use of a more practical standard.

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For over a year since this referral, I have been studying Georg Cantor’s works alongside Kurt Godel’s theories tirelessly. They have supplied me with a base of understanding to write a book, Naming the Unknown. Through this book, I hope to explain to people the reason for the infinite and its true nature. I have consulted numerous professors on the subject to qualify my arguments and the premise of my explanations. Among them have been professors from Albuquerque, Richard Likp, who is the head of The International Scientific Exploratory Committee—and Marie Hant, the Dean of Mathematics at the University of Washington.

Though I may seem like a newcomer in the discipline of theoretical mathematics, I have been theorizing within set theory and number theory since my childhood without realizing it. Before I became a national chess master, which in itself has harnessed my ability to thoroughly analyze patterns and sequences, I had written down countless theories that were associated with comprehending the infinite and its faculties. Besides being a writer of inspired philosophical thought, I read from an extensive library on abstract conceptions dealing with quantum physics and the results of calculations from noted mathematics theorists, namely Frederick Gertrude. My father was a physicist and one prone to thought-abstractions being expressed in book-form. Before my teen years and in them, he instructed me to read volume after volume of philosophical treatise. I believe this is how the book Naming the Unknown has formed almost effortlessly. The book is a reflection of pure conceptions and strict demonstrations: one section of the book outlines my theories’ practical use, and the second section guides the reader through the mathematical content. I have attached a PDF copy that displays the current manuscript of the book.

There is no doubt that the University of Washington’s Department of Mathematics is esteemed not only by publications, but by the students that attend its programs. Though I know that many students more capable than me will be applying to enter the Master’s Program in Theoretical Mathematics, I can contend that my experience is to a larger degree actualized rather than in its hypothetical stage. I have researched extensively through the veins of private libraries, inspired meetings with celebrated professors, and have slept much less than healthy in order delve into this discipline. Though I will continue to develop my theorems with or without further academic assistance in the form of an advanced degree, I have faith that joining the Master’s Program in Theoretical Mathematics at the University of Washington will supply me with the freedom and time needed to truly explore my life’s passion and gift.

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