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Angelo Mooney

Scholarship Application for MBA Studies

Lunar Crest Graduate School of Business

Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Digital Transformation and Strategy

Esteemed Members of the Lunar Crest Scholarship Committee,

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are not merely participating in a race towards modernization; they’re orchestrating symphonies of change. I am Angelo Mooney, a symphony enthusiast, eager to master the intricate harmonies of business in this digital age. It is with profound excitement and a burning ambition that I seek the scholarship for Lunar Crest’s MBA program in Digital Transformation and Strategy.

Originating from Silicon Valley’s bustling ecosystem, the pulse of innovation has been my constant companion. As a young business analyst in a tech-driven startup, I watched as businesses grappled with the seismic shifts of digitalization. While many possessed the tools, they lacked the strategic direction to wield them effectively. My experiences illuminated the criticality of merging business acumen with digital strategy, leading me to Lunar Crest’s doorstep.

Lunar Crest Graduate School of Business, with its fusion of traditional business teachings and contemporary digital nuances, offers the perfect platform for individuals like me. Your program’s emphasis on real-world, tangible applications of digital strategy has the potential to shape leaders adept at navigating the challenges and opportunities of this digital renaissance.

The journey to knowledge, while enlightening, often presents barriers – financial constraints being paramount among them. This scholarship signifies more than just fiscal support. It represents an affirmation, an empowering gesture that would allow me to chase my dreams unburdened.

At Lunar Crest, I envision a two-fold path. While the program promises to equip me with the latest tools and strategic frameworks, I, in return, bring a plethora of on-ground insights from the epicenter of tech innovation. This symbiotic relationship, I believe, would enhance the learning experience for my peers and professors alike.

In essence, the digital age beckons leaders who aren’t just observers but active contributors to this grand narrative. With Lunar Crest’s esteemed MBA program and the invaluable support of this scholarship, I am determined to play a pivotal role in sculpting the future of business in the digital realm.

I extend my gratitude for considering my application and hope to add value to, as well as extract wisdom from, the Lunar Crest community.

Warm regards,

Angelo Mooney

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