Prompt: Describe any international experiences or cross-cultural interactions that have influenced your worldview. How do these experiences inform your goals and how do you hope to contribute to the global community after completing this program?

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My fascination with the interconnected fabric of the global community stems from a mosaic of cross-cultural experiences that have profoundly enriched my perspective. These adventures beyond borders have not only sculpted my worldview but have cemented my resolve to pursue a Master’s degree in International Relations at Lumina University.

Two years ago, I embarked on a transformative journey as an exchange student to Dakar, Senegal. Immersed in the rhythmic dance of its vibrant markets, the poetic cadence of Wolof conversations, and the profound narratives that defined its history, I was quickly drawn into Senegal’s rich tapestry of culture and politics. I forged bonds with local students, discovering the shared aspirations and distinct challenges that our generations faced in different parts of the world. It was eye-opening to recognize the similarities that often lay hidden beneath our apparent differences.

Further expanding my global canvas, I interned with an NGO in Bangkok, Thailand, working on projects related to human trafficking. This experience brought to light the complexities of global governance, the delicate balance of diplomacy, and the pivotal role of international collaboration in addressing humanitarian issues. I was humbled by the resilience of the survivors I met, and inspired by the collective efforts of diverse nations to combat this shared menace.

These international sojourns made it abundantly clear that in our rapidly globalizing world, isolated efforts can no longer suffice. The challenges we face are intertwined, demanding collective solutions. This realization fuels my aspiration to be at the forefront of shaping international policies and fostering diplomatic ties that bridge divides and galvanize collective action.

Lumina University’s comprehensive curriculum, emphasizing both theoretical foundations and practical diplomacy, aligns seamlessly with my goals. The school’s reputed Model United Nations program and its focus on emerging global challenges, such as cyber warfare and climate diplomacy, particularly resonate with my aspirations.

Post my studies, I envisage myself working with international bodies like the United Nations or the World Trade Organization. I aim to champion policies that are not just informed by global perspectives but are also inclusive, equitable, and geared towards sustainable progress.

In sum, my international experiences have illuminated the significance of understanding, empathy, and collaboration on a global scale. At Lumina University, I seek the tools and knowledge to convert these insights into tangible contributions, ensuring a more harmonious and prosperous global community.

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