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Human Resources Department

Technotronics Computer Consulting Ltd.


Brandon Richards


Public Relations Department

Technotronics Computer Consulting Ltd.


Dear Mr. Richards,

In light of the recent decrease in our company’s recruitment and retention rates, I would like to suggest a management policy innovation that, I believe, can help greatly improve the situation.

As my recent annual report shows, the current employee turnover at Technotronics Computer Consulting Ltd. is slightly higher than 25%, and it has also demonstrated a negative tendency overall, over the past two quarters. At the same time, filling these new vacancies takes longer than it used to, and can now take up to a year, or more, to fill the positions we are losing. As the recruiting trends in the high-tech industry signalize, the main reasons for the overall decrease in recruitment and retention rates are similar across the United States. Record low unemployment rates in the high-tech sector, a burgeoning computer industry, and too few computer systems graduates have all contributed to the tendencies we are observing. In light of the research my team has conducted, it became evident that our main labor market competitors CompDePro and Technical Innovations, Ltd. have both pumped up recruiting tactics, using hiring bonuses, unusually high salaries, extra vacation offers, and early reviews and raises to win the best employees. These have all proven to be effective tools in dealing with the negative environment in the high-tech human resource sector.

For Technotronics Computer Consulting Ltd. to be able to keep up with the changes, and win the best candidates, I suggest that we introduce an early review policy for our new upcoming employees. The essence of the policy would be to offer early reviews for the best candidates, thus enabling us to honor the internal pay scales, while offering applicants the opportunity for early raises. Having recently attended the Technical HR Professionals Market Research Seminar, I learned that nearly 40% of all American high-tech companies are already offering such early reviews. It proved to be an effective management tactic in keeping new employees interested in staying with the company, while also motivating them to demonstrate their highest productivity, and constantly improve work performance. For instance, the HR leading specialist from WebResourcesCorp announced that their company was able to reduce its usual 10 percent turnover to 1 percent for those employees who received raises.

I am well aware of the fact that the financial side of the suggestion is the main concern at this point. However, at the current state of the business, our company’s pay scales do not allow for outlandish starting salaries, and reviews typically are given after 12 months. I believe that offering reviews and pay raises at six months, instead of one year, would enable us to snare the best hires without paying top dollar up front. In the light of the current state, I believe we could offer raises ranging from 2 percent to 8 percent, based on these reviews. This tactic is especially powerful in getting the point across to our new employees that we value perfectionism and constant advancement, while always recognizing high-levels of individual work performance, and exceptional qualities of every employee, new or old, and praising personal initiative.

I will be more than glad to discuss the details of this suggestion, and hear your opinion on the matter. I would suggest holding a brief meeting any time this, or the following week, whenever your schedule allows.

Thank you considering the idea.

Best Regards,

Frank Verner

Associate Director

Human Resources Department

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