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Date: January 4th, 2013
To: Gordon MacLeish
From: Andrew Williams, Head of the Publicity Department
Subject: Advertising Plan for the Hotel and Resort Center Green Valley

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Since its opening in 2010, the Green Valley Hotel has become a well-known and popular destination for health-oriented tourism. Located in an advantageous and picturesque place, Green Valley offers a wide variety of recreational and relaxation services; however, one significant problem the center has faced lately has been a lack of proper advertisement. With this in mind, a special group was developed to devise an efficient advertising campaign for Green Valley. This report reflects the work done during the period from December, 2013, until January, 2014.

Work Completed

Dec. 10th – The first meeting of the Publicity Department reviewed the current situation by designating and stating the hotel’s issues.

Dec. 14th – The second meeting of the Publicity Department discussed ways of solving the problems Green Valley faces due to the lack of advertising. This was primarily a brainstorming session.

Dec. 20th – The third meeting of the Publicity Department created a working plan for the Green Valley advertising campaign.

Jan. 3rd – Persons responsible for researching the first stage of work were assigned.

Jan. 7th – Katherine Johns and Robert Chow completed research on the geographical location of the resort center and the surrounding landscape. Their report contained a summary of landscape features as well as suggestions for how to present these features in a positive light. See Attachment 1 to view this document.

Jan. 10th – Michael Kramer submitted the results of his research on the historical background of the location where Green Valley is situated. He suggested adding local color to existing advertising materials, such as brochures and promo-videos, and emphasizing the association between ancient traditions and modern technologies in the center’s customer service approach.

Jan. 12th – John Normal and Sophia Anderson finished analyzing the current services available in the region. Their research included finding current information on local hotels and motels, their services and service quality, as well as average prices, room-types, and other amenities.

Jan. 17th – Sara James, John Crane, and Lily James completed their research on local entertainment facilities, local attractions, and shopping experiences, including those in the airport. They found the area has no entertainment centers or malls, but does have large numbers of museums and art galleries, as the area is renowned for the many famous artists who used to live there and paint local scenes. Attachment 2 contains suggestions for capitalizing on these through the proposed advertising campaign.

Jan. 21st – Andrew Brankovich completed a survey of local cuisine, restaurants, and dining spots.

Jan. 23rd – The group completed the process of analyzing and synthesizing the research materials.

Jan. 24th – The present progress report was written and submitted.

Following an unexpected data loss on A. Brankovich’s computer, the data was restored three days later. He was able to retrieve most of the collected data with the help of the drafts that he made during his research.

Financial hardships due to insufficient funds being allocated for the trip to the Green Valley Hotel were addressed to the Accounting Department for financial assistance.

Because of adverse weather conditions caused by seasonal storms in this region, it was impossible to conduct research that required traveling.

Future Plans

Starting February 1st, the group plans to start full-scale work on the second stage of the advertisement campaign project. They plan to select materials to prepare the layouts for print and non-print advertisements, such as brochures, banners, and videos. The group plans to submit the next progress report on March 1st.


The work on the advertising campaign project is proceeding as planned, despite there being some issues faced during the reporting period. To date, the team has finished researching the area and has distinguished key elements that will be emphasized in the future advertising campaign (see Attachment 3). Beginning February 1st, the team will start working on the second stage of the project.

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