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The Business Traveler’s Dream, promoted as “the world’s first wholesale travel book engine,” worked like a charm for my staff at Social Editing. The main feature of this site is that you can compare prices from other travel booking sites, and see how much you can save. They offer savings up to 65% and it’s no joke: our staff stayed at the Marriott in Omaha, Nebraska for 5 days for just $600 per person, which came out to be about 60% better than what Expedia offered. Our company saved thousands of dollars through this site in one trip. For small to medium-sized businesses, these kind of savings can mean the difference between thriving and only getting by.

How do they do it? Well, The Business Traveler’s Dream is in contact with over 400,000 hotels worldwide and have negotiated prices with them. Also, these negotiations are not reflected on any other site, so you can get exclusive cuts in prices. What’s also unique about The Business Traveler’s Dream is that they incorporate taxes in promoted prices, unlike most other travel booking sites. Along with this transparency, they offer a money back guarantee of 110% of the difference if you find a price better than theirs.

Considering all these factors of convenience, I can easily say that The Business Traveler’s Dream is the go-to place for businesses to book flights.


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