Modifiers—words, phrases, or clauses that provide additional information about other words—are vital for adding color, detail, and clarity to our sentences. However, when they’re not positioned correctly, they can create confusion, unintended humor, or even alter the sentence’s meaning. Misplaced and dangling modifiers are common culprits. Recognizing and addressing these can elevate the precision and clarity of your writing.

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A Game of Musical Chairs with the Misplaced Modifier

A misplaced modifier is a word or group of words positioned too far from the word it’s supposed to modify, causing ambiguity or a change in intended meaning.

For instance:

  • Misplaced: She almost drove her kids to school every day.
  • Corrected: She drove her kids to school almost every day.

In the misplaced version, it seems as if she nearly drove her kids but didn’t. The corrected version conveys the intended message: she drove her kids to school on most days.

What Is a Dangling Modifier?

A dangling modifier is a descriptive word or phrase that doesn’t have a clear subject to modify in the sentence. These modifiers are “dangling” because they’re left hanging, not firmly attached to the part of the sentence they’re supposed to be describing.


  • Dangling: Hoping to garner favor, the teacher’s policies were modified by the principal.
  • Corrected: Hoping to garner favor, the principal modified the teacher’s policies.

In the dangling example, it sounds as if the teacher’s policies were hoping to garner favor. The corrected sentence clarifies that it was the principal who was hoping to garner favor.

The Risk of Altered Meanings

The danger of misplaced or dangling modifiers isn’t just about technical accuracy. They can dramatically change the meaning of a sentence or present it in a confusing or humorous light.

Take this example:

  • Misplaced: Covered in hot chocolate, Jane found her laptop.
  • Corrected: Jane found her laptop covered in hot chocolate.

In the misplaced version, it sounds as if Jane was covered in hot chocolate, which paints a very different picture from the intended message in the corrected sentence.


Modifiers, when used correctly, can be powerful tools in refining the nuance and depth of our writing. By ensuring that they are appropriately placed and clearly connected, we maintain the integrity and clarity of our sentences.

Like many aspects of grammar, mastery comes with awareness and practice. As you write and revise, be vigilant about how and where you’re placing modifiers. Engage with diverse texts, practice editing, and over time, the art of perfectly placed modifiers will become an integral part of your writing toolkit.

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