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George Arwell

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May 24, 2014

Brementon College of English Literature
Head of the Admission Committee
23 Random St.
Silverton, NE 71129, USA

Dear Mr. Johnson,

My name is George Arwell, and I have successfully passed the SAT test in order to enter the Brementon College of English Literature. However, I recently received a letter from the admission committee saying I have been waitlisted, and now I have to await for further instructions from the committee.

This is a situation I do not quite understand. In high school, I used to be among the top five students in terms of academic performance. The results of my SAT tests are also high; therefore, I can see no reason for such a postponement. Entering the Brementon College of English Literature has been my dream for two years, as I am deeply interested in researching and studying the literary heritage of English-speaking countries, and also want to write my own novels with greater ease (at the moment, I have written two novels, one of which won the Silverton Literary Contest in 2013). I believe studying at your college would contribute to the development of my skills as a creative writer and as a researcher in literature.

While I am waiting for the decision of the admissions committee, I am going to continue working on my third novel and a series of essays dedicated to the current condition of the education system in the United States. I am planning to submit these essays to participate in an annual contest for young authors, which is going to take place in the spring of 2015.

I am afraid, for some reason, I might not be accepted into your college, despite my high grades and high SAT performance. However, I hope for the best, and look forward to enter and study at the Brementon College of English Literature. Thank you for your time and consideration.


George Arwell

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