Applying for Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing Grant

Problem Statement

The number of homeless and individuals lacking basic supplies for sustenance is growing. It is one of the most burning issues of modern society—generally linked to economic collapse. It may lead to other issues such as unemployment and the spread of disease. Even though it is more striking in third world countries, people in metropolitan areas of developed countries face this problem as well. Talking about American cities, New York is definitely one where the issue of homelessness is particularly topical. The poorest part of the city seems to be the Bronx—realistically, there is no work, no revenue produced, and no infrastructure being paid attention to. In the 1970s, the Bronx had become the poorest and the most economically depressed borough of New York City. A great number of houses were torn down in 1970 due to a severe fire which occurred earlier. As a result, the Bronx borough started suffering an economic recession, which lasted a couple of decades. Lately, it has been reported that the Bronx has become a better place to live, but it is still overpopulated with people living below the poverty line.

Solution Statement

A non-governmental organization intervention seems to be the best solution for solving the problem of unemployment in this sector of the city. An advice center, organized on a volunteer basis, would be a perfect chance to improve the quality of life in the Bronx. First of all, there would be 10-15 people collecting information on job possibilities for the disadvantaged. What is more, it would be significant to organize a soup-kitchen for the homeless. Another essential part of life-quality improvement would be to provide people with a healthy and clean sleeping environment. Organizing and furnishing some rooms as a sleeping area would also help the poor find a sanctuary where they can reflect on their lifestyle and start seeking a better life for themselves.


The center would organize presentations on improving practical skills, provide tips on passing job interviews, leading healthy lifestyles, and offering help to a great variety of people who have failed to find a suitable job. The advice center would provide psychological support, as well as satisfy the basic personal needs of the homeless and unemployed.

Budget Request

We are now applying for $70,000 that the Capacity Building for Community Development and Affordable Housing Grant suggests. In order to provide substantial support to the people in need, the center should have a suitable location. We have already received governmental approval to occupy several rooms in the Bronx State Hospital. Also, the equipment necessary to provide information for those seeking jobs, or applying for certain positions, has been collected as a consequence of charitable acts of the other borough residents. Therefore, all the organizational issues have been resolved. We yet have to pay for all the public utilities and your consideration of this application, as a valid one, will make it easier for the disadvantaged of the Bronx borough to find their redemption. The funds provided will only be used to benefit the homeless or the unemployed who are truly willing to improve their lives. Hopefully, the implementation of this project will lead to considerable life improvement throughout the whole city.


James Morrison

Project Manager


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