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I hereby submit my recommendation for Mr. Terry Johnson to be admitted to the University of Buenos Aires, faculty of Postgraduate Studies, in the field of International Relations. As a two-year volunteer in my NGO “Minnesota Relief Group,” Mr. Johnson has been an active and devoted participant in thirteen different events that we organized, or co-hosted, over the period of March, 2010, to February, 2012. As a volunteer, Mr. Johnson has helped to plan, raise funds, and hold various flash mobs, marches, relays, and other events, as well as work daily with the “Minnesota Relief Group,” assisting newly accepted refugees with their basic needs, and providing support for our clients.

If I were to characterize Mr. Johnson in a few words, I would have to mention his reliability, punctuality, sense of responsibility, as well as his altruistic nature and endless optimism. That, in addition to superior communication and interpersonal skills, has earned Mr. Johnson the nickname, “our conflict resolution man.” Whenever there is a misunderstanding or a problem, the person I would most rely on to fix it, and negotiate for a solution, would be Terry. Thus, I believe there cannot be a better profession to suit Mr. Johnson’s personality than an international diplomat.

On the basis of his maturity, resourcefulness, leadership skills, intellectual abilities, creativity, compatibility, multitasking aptitude, motivation, self-confidence, and business acumen, I would rank Terry Johnson as one of the most-valued volunteers in our team of over 60 young activists, and strongly recommend his candidacy for admission to the PhD program at the University of Buenos Aires.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information in respect of my recommendation.


Respectfully,                                                                                        March 2nd, 2012

Jason F. Ferrogio.

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