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A*Help Score: 75/100
🔥 published October 25, 2023 - updated May 10, 2024

Quick Overview

Languagetool, a platform that many users turn to as the best grammar checker free solution, is dedicated to proofreading your texts and identifying various types of mistakes, from grammatical to stylistic. In the context of Grammarly vs Languagetool, when we tested the service, it impressed us by correcting most of the spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors, and also helping to set the word order right. Consequently, this solution earned a commendable 75/100 pts in our assessment, positioning it as a serious competitor not only among other Languagetool alternatives but also against renowned tools like Grammarly, highlighting its efficacy and value in the market of grammar checking solutions..

The Good
  • Can be used for free
  • High-quality grammar check
  • Supports various languages
The Bad
  • Almost no sentence suggestions
  • Can underline non-existent mistakes
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An infographic with a short Languagetool review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 75/100
SpeedPaper Review

Languagetool Value For Money — 26/30

Supported languages
Extra services
Free use & wordcount limits
Pricing at Language Tool
Pricing at LanguageTool (click to see a large image)
SpeedPaper Review

Languagetool Overall Experience — 19/20

Website Experience
Document Upload
Dashboard at Language Tool
Dashboard at LanguageTool (click to see a large image)
SpeedPaper Review

Languagetool’s Quality of Help — 30/50

Correction Quality: Email
Correction Quality: Personal Statement
Correction Quality: Research Paper Intro
Checking Process
  >Txt 1 – Email >Txt 2 – Personal Statement >Txt 3 – Research Paper Intro
>Grammar 4/4 5/5 5/5
>Punctuation 5/5 3/3 3/5
>Spelling 5/6 4/5 2/5
>Word Use 2/4 3/6 0/15
>Word Order 1/1 1/2 1/2
>General Mistake Correction Score 17/20 16/21 11/32

Languagetool’s Main Specs

>Supported languages English, Spanish, German, French & others
Words/Sentence suggestions
  +style & own dictionary
>Possible extra services  
>Free use & Wordcount Limites  
Free use
with limits
Wordcount 10000 characters
Plans Individual – $12.45 / month
Teams – $ 5.53 / month/ 2 users
+Annual, Quarterly and Every-2-year subscription
Need to create an account
Email for registration
Third-party registration (Google, Facebook, Apple)
>Website Experience  
Easy-to-use platform
Aesthetic Interface
Irritating ads
Contact center
Email, live chat, contact form, phone, WhatsApp
>Document Upload  
Docx/doc files
Pdf files
Browser Extension
>Checking process  
Underlines each mistake
Underlines incorrect sentences
Option to correct all mistakes at once
Shows the general grammar score
Underlines mistakes that are not there


Languagetool Reviews

Our commitment remains to offer transparent and comprehensive information about diverse online platforms. With that intent, we thoroughly researched various platforms, such as Trustpilot,, Sitejabber, and Reddit, to analyze the users’ perceptions of reviewed tools. Both positive and critical comments contribute to our overall understanding of the platform and its potential pitfalls and help us compare the service to others like with Languagetool vs Prowritingaid.

Is Languagetool a Scam?

No, Languagetool isn’t a scam. After a detailed review, we can confirm that its grammar and spell-checking features operate not only as promised but with a high quality as well. However, you might want to consider comparing it with other services like Prowritingaid vs Languagetool.

Is Languagetool Legit?

Certainly. Languagetool has firmly established itself in the online space over time. Given its growing community trust and our own evaluations, we can vouch for its authenticity and efficiency.

Is Languagetool Safe?

During our assessment of Languagetool, it stood out that users don’t need to share sensitive personal information or create an account to use its basic features, ensuring a user-friendly and safe experience. We believe it’s a secure platform for grammar checks.

Is Languagetool Trustworthy?

We put Languagetool to the test and found it is a great platform for identification of grammar, punctuation, and spelling issues. It presented us with a high checking quality earning our trust, that’s why we can call it a reliable solution. 

Is Languagetool a Good Service?

Our A*Help team used Languagetool on 3 different texts and it showed more than satisfactory results correcting a fair share of presented errors. Taking into account its convenience as well as the opportunity for free use, we confirm that Languagetool is a good online grammar checker. It deserves its 75/100 A*Help score.

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