The video presents a quick and easy method for calculating percentages in your head. The key trick is to divide both the percentage and the number it’s being applied to by 10 twice (or divide by 100), simplifying the calculation. For example, to find 61% of 80, divide 80 by 10 to get 8, and 61 by 10 to get 6.1, then multiply these two numbers to get the result (48.8). This method can be applied to various percentage calculations, making them much simpler to compute mentally, per in Math.

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This article is a summary of a YouTube video “How to work out percentages INSTANTLY” by tecmath

Key insights

  • Understanding Percentages: Percentages are essentially a fraction of 100. The symbol “%” means “per hundred.” Understanding this fundamental concept is crucial for the trick demonstrated in the video.
  • Simplifying Calculation by Division: The core technique involves simplifying the percentage calculation by dividing both the percentage and the number it is being applied to by 10 twice. This is equivalent to dividing by 100, making the numbers easier to work with mentally.
  • Practical Application: This method can be practically applied to various scenarios where quick percentage calculations are needed. By reducing the numbers to more manageable figures, the process becomes much faster and more intuitive.
  • Examples and Illustrations: The video provides multiple examples to illustrate the method, such as calculating 3% of 400, 80% of 70, 24% of 60, and 13% of 1,200. These examples demonstrate the versatility and efficiency of the technique.
  • Mental Math Skills Enhancement: This technique not only simplifies the calculation process but also enhances mental math skills, making it a useful tool for quick estimations and everyday calculations involving percentages.

Timestamped Summary

  • 0:01 – 0:07: Introduction to the topic of easily calculating percentages in your head.
  • 0:09 – 0:24: Example given: Calculate 61% of 80.
  • 0:24 – 0:30: Correct answer revealed (48.8) and a promise to show the easy method.
  • 0:32 – 0:54: Explanation of what percentage means (per cent = per hundred) and how it’s typically calculated.
  • 0:57 – 1:03: Traditional method of calculating percentages mentioned (dividing the percentage by 100 and then multiplying by the number).
  • 1:05 – 1:13: Introduction of the simplified method: dividing by 10 twice instead of dividing by 100.
  • 1:26 – 1:52: Demonstration of the simplified method with the example 61% of 80, breaking down the process step by step.
  • 1:54 – 2:05: Final calculation and conclusion that 61% of 80 equals 48.8.
  • 2:10 – 2:46: Introduction to additional examples for practice and explanation of the process.
  • 2:46 – 4:39: Calculation of various examples (3% of 400, 80% of 70, 24% of 60, 13% of 1,200) using the simplified method.
  • 4:41 – 4:48: Conclusion emphasizing the ease of this method for calculating percentages.
  • 4:49 – 5:08: Invitation for feedback, promotion of the channel, and closing remarks.


What is the quickest method to calculate percentages in your head?

The method involves dividing the number by 10 twice (or once, if more suitable), and then multiplying the results, which simplifies the traditional method of dividing by 100.

Can you provide an example of how to calculate a percentage using this method?

For example, to calculate 61% of 80, you divide 80 by 10 to get 8, divide 61 by 10 to get 6.1, and then multiply 8 by 6.1 to get 48.8.

Does this method work for all kinds of percentages?

Yes, this method can be adapted for various percentages, whether they are whole numbers or decimals.

Is it necessary to divide exactly by 100 for calculating percentages?

No, the method shown in the video simplifies this by dividing by 10 twice, which is equivalent to dividing by 100 but easier to compute mentally.

How do you handle more complex percentages, like 13% of 1,200?

For such cases, you divide the larger number by 100 (for example, 1,200 divided by 100 is 12) and then multiply it by the percentage (13 in this case), which would be 13 times 12, equaling 156.

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