Editpad Essay Writer Review:
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A*Help Score: 74.3/100
🔥 published September 28, 2023 - updated July 12, 2024

Quick Overview

Editpad is an online AI-powered platform designed to help with the writing process. We checked it across the A*Help criteria and gave it a 74.3/100 A*Help score. The service was quick to use but the platform looked a bit confusing and didn’t offer many helpful features. Still, the quality of the given writing turned out to be on a high level since the paper we created got graded at 89.3/100 pts. For those in search of an effective essay writer AI, Editpad certainly offers potential.

The Good
  • Can be used for free
  • Produces quality text
  • Quick creation time
The Bad
  • Limited extra features
  • Confusing platform
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An infographic with a short Editpad review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 74.3/100

Editpad’s Paper Quality — 37.3/50⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Editpad AI Essay Writer performs commendably in generating essays with coherent paragraph structure and good integrity (100%). We specifically noted that the tool allowed users to create outlines. In general, it generates text with a decent level of mechanics, scoring 89.3/100 as per a our partner professor’s assessment. It strengths evidently lie in spelling accuracy (100%) and clarity (100%), but it shows room for improvement in grammar (85%) and word choice (82%). The reasoning and logic aspects of the writing received a lower score (78%), indicating that while the AI writer is capable of generating well-structured essays, the content may require further refinement to reach higher academic standards.

Detecting AI in Editpad's essay
Detecting AI in Editpad’s essay (click to see a bigger picture)

Paper score: 89.3/100

ParameterPersonal Essay
Paper score89.3/100
Creation time1 minute
Number of words698 words 

Editpad: Value for Money — 16/25⭐️⭐️⭐️

Editpad AI Essay Writer offers reasonable value for money, with weekly, monthly, and annual subscription options available. The weekly plan at $3.99 and the monthly plan at $7.99 provide flexible choices for users with varying needs. We can confirm that, while it lacks advanced services like AI chat or research tools, it includes essential features like grammar checks and plagiarism detection. The free trial with no character limits is a bonus, offering users an opportunity to test the tool before committing to a subscription. However, the lack of browser extensions or apps might limit its convenience for some users.

Giving Editpad a prompt for our essay
Giving Editpad a prompt for our essay (click to see a bigger image)
Subscription & Limits
Free trial
Text creation options

Editpad: Overall Experience — 21/25⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The overall experience with Editpad AI Essay Writer is generally positive. The platform’s ease of use, coupled with a straightforward essay creation process, in our opinion, makes it an accessible tool for quick writing tasks. The absence of an aesthetic interface is a minor drawback, but the tool compensates with efficient text generation (up to a minute) and no word count limits. The support system includes guides, which can be helpful for users, although we agree that the absence of a support chat or phone line might be a limitation for some.

Pricing plans at Edit pad essay writer
Pricing plans at Editpad (click here to see a large image)
Website Experience
Text creation time


In the end, we agree that Editpad AI Essay Writer is a solid choice for users seeking a straightforward, easy-to-use AI writing tool with basic capabilities like grammar checking and plagiarism detection. Its simple interface and quick text generation make it suitable for short-term writing needs, although it may not satisfy those looking for more advanced writing assistance.


Editpad Reviews

The A*Help team digs deep into reviewing services to provide users with true insights. Our  analysis includes searching through platforms such as Trustpilot, Reviews.io, Sitejabber, and Reddit. We prioritize transparency by highlighting both positive and negative feedback, ensuring you are well-informed about any potential issues regarding the services you’re considering.

Is Editpad a Scam?

No, Editpad is not a scam. After thoroughly testing the service, our team was generally content with the experience and the outcomes produced by the platform.

Is Editpad Legit?

Editpad has made its mark in its respective fields and has a significant number of users. Their consistent performance and satisfied clientele underline the legitimacy of their service.

Is Editpad Safe?

Our interactions with Editpad were smooth, without encountering any technological glitches. Furthermore, during our registration process, there was no requirement to provide any sensitive data. From our evaluation, Editpad appears to be a secure platform for users.

Is Editpad Trustworthy?

Our team utilized Editpad for a specific writing assignment. The final essay we generated secured a score of 89.3/100 pts. This score is proof of Editpad’s reliability and capability in handling writing assignments.

Is Editpad a Good Service?

From our experience, Editpad has demonstrated its efficiency and effectiveness. We gave it a 73.3 A*Help score due to the quality of the provided text, and the possibility for free and quick writing creation.

Is Editpad Free?

Editpad can be used for free, still, there are different types of subscriptions that help open more features on the platform. The lowest price is for a weekly plan that costs $9.

Can Editpad write my College Paper?

As we checked Editpad on the essay of our own, we figured that it has the ability to quickly provide quality pieces of writing. So yes, this service can become a valuable addition to the process of college paper writing.

Does Editpad have Anti-Plagiarism Features?

Yes, Editpad offers a plagiarism checker on its website which you are free to use at any time. 

Editpad: Specs

> Website experience 
Aesthetic Interface
Easy-to-use platform
Simple Essay creation flow
Trying before registration
Full time to generate essay1 minute
Wordcount limitsnone
> Support System 
Support chat/phone 
> Services 
AI chat
Research assistant
In-text citations
Reference finder
MLA and APA Citations
Grammar check
> Subscriptions & Limits 
AI writing – $3.99/weekly
Plagcheck – $3.99/weekly
OCR tools – $3.99/weekly
All in One – $5.99/weekly
AI writing – $7.99/monthly
Plagcheck – $7.99/monthly
OCR tools – $7.99/monthly
All in One – $12.99/monthly
AI writing – $79/yearly
Plagcheck – $79/yearly
OCR tools – $79/yearly
All in One – $125/yearly
Wallets (ApplePay, GooglePay, Paypal) ❌
American Express
>Free trial 
Free trial/plan
> Text Creation Options 
> Text Submission 
can be done
paragraph structure


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