The Good AI Review:
based on real mystery shopping

A*Help Score: 57.6/100
🔥 published May 4, 2023 - updated May 20, 2024

Quick Overview

The Good AI aims to simplify the essay writing process with its straightforward platform. While it excels in generating texts rapidly and without fuss, its limitations on word count and lack of support or advanced writing tools may deter some users. Despite its easy registration process and aesthetically pleasing interface, the service’s overall value is diminished by its minimal service offerings and lack of comprehensive support features. It’s a mixed bag, offering quick solutions for those in need of basic essay writing but falling short for users seeking in-depth research tools, grammar checks, or extensive customer support.

The Good
  • Fast text creation time
  • Good paper quality
The Bad
  • Limited free and paid plans
  • Insufficiency of services
  • Challenging text arrangement
  • Lack of accessibility
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An infographic with a short The Good AI review describing the ways it was tested and how it received an A*Help Score: 54.6/100
A screenshot of giving a prompt to The-Good-AI
Filling out a prompt for The-Good-AI (click to see a bigger image)

The feeling that we live in the rat race has shifted from movie screens to reality. Every student is experiencing the pressure to succeed academically in highly competitive schools and programs. Anxiety about tackling an immense amount of material, keeping up with endless projects and assignments, and meeting burning deadlines while achieving top scores is real. 

But learners can forget about stress with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The epic breakthrough that left everyone speechless still sounds like a brain teaser. The A*Help team never wastes time thinking. Our experts take action. We scrupulously review fast and quick platforms to understand if they are helpful in academic pursuits. 

On today’s agenda, we have The Good.AI. The tool puts itself on the market as an effortless and high-quality essay writing service. Academic Help traditionally follows the checklist and verifies the value for money, overall experience, and paper quality of the service. See How We Test AI Essay Writers for more details about our testing approach. We conduct real mystery shopping to understand how every tool works from within. 

The Good.AI Review: Verified Mystery Shopping 

All students can relate to being trapped in a hamster wheel when trying to navigate the deep waters of the university environment. Such a fast pace can have a negative impact and lead to burnout.

However, The Good.AI sheds light on the situation and saves the learners from the pit of hopelessness. The A*Help team is curious to check if this ai text generator can truly provide aid and support in the educational field.

Academic Help pays attention to all little details, and not to miss out on any vital information, we carefully go through our main criteria, such as value for money, overall experience, and paper quality. 

As a norm, our experts check all necessary stages while interacting with The Good.AI to provide our readers with detailed insights. As always, we work with AI-based writing tools on a real university-level task – a personal narrative. To be more specific, the assignment has to focus on a feeling of gratitude, follow the 550-word count limit, and have MLA citations. 

Afterward, A*Help consult with our fellow partner and US college professor – Dr. Sybil Low. Her goal is to make education accessible to everyone. And she always supports us and provides invaluable help with her expertise. 

We kindly asked Mrs.Low to share her thoughts regarding the AI revolution through the prism of education:

The fact that Artificial Intelligence is an integral part is nothing but natural. This advanced technology is capable of doing anything, even writing an essay or a research paper. But in my daily practice of working with students, I keep questioning whether AI can truly revolutionize the academic world. Above and beyond, I wonder if it is ethical to integrate such a tool into education. Jeff Sparrow raises the same concern and ponders the efficiency of AI generators. Sure, for higher-education establishments AI is a challenge. But they should be embraced and integrated into the learning process with the right policies. On the part of educators, we should keep highlighting that AI-based systems and services are here to aid students through trials and tribulations.

We are on the same page with Dr.Low, and during our real mystery shopping, we do everything possible to verify if students can get all the help they seek to ace their assignments. Therefore, our checklist is the yardstick that shows the credibility of the AI writing platform. 

The Good.AI Paper Quality — 34.6/50⭐️⭐️⭐️

The major call: is The Good.AI capable of providing good quality papers, or can it do even better and exceed students’ expectations? This tough task is the A*Help’s league. 

Our experts collaborate with our partner Dr.Low on this vital step. On our side, we evaluate the technical aspects of the paper, while Mrs.Sybil Low goes deeper into the assessment. The A*Help team has a good understanding that written pieces with high scores should have the proper format, outline, structure, formatting, and ideally, references. During our real experience with the service, it was obvious that such options were missing. To be fair, here, we could only create an outline and that was it. Despite that, the personal narrative was graded at 81.8/100 points. This grade significantly surpasses the grading benchmark of 60 points. 

Below you can find an expert thought regarding the artificially generated essay:

The Good.AI tries to touch upon the most acute and relevant topic. Surprisingly enough the platform shows a high score in the clarity of thought expression and objectivity. But I would like to underscore how crafty it stresses the importance of education amidst the financial crisis. The essay makes a smooth turn to family relations which are the core of every human being. To tell the truth, I predicted vague and trivial narration. The formal result is a great foundation that needs polishing and a more human touch.

Here is an assessment of the paper:

Score 81.8

Document formatting is very good, but there is room for improvement. Document formatting issues: vertical spacing; page header; font control. |Observations:| Great specificity in this essay. One sentence repeats verbatim, however. {Integrity}: 100%. {Length}: 100%. {Mechanics:} 86% (spelling 100%, grammar 71%, punctuation 80%, word choice 93%). {Citation formatting:} ungraded. {Reasoning, logic:} 69% (efficiency 51%, acuity 51%, clarity 100%, objectivity 74%).

To top it all, The Good.AI shows good results and high paper quality despite lacking services that can facilitate students’ lives. The A*Help team scored the platform at 31.6/50 points for paper quality. 

Paper score: 81.8/100

⭐ Parameter✅ Personal Essay
Paper score81.8/100
Creation timeA few seconds
Number of words553 words

Value for Money — 5/25 ⭐️

When students opt to work with AI-powered text generators, they want to ensure these tools can assist them every step of the way. In a broader sense, learners expect speedy delivery and quality results. 

The former can be granted with the help of a wide range of services. Even though The Good.AI claims to be a versatile tool, a clear lack of essential features does not make it such. Every learner working on their assignment would need to have access to the following AI chat, research assistant, in-text and MLA/APA citations, reference finder, and grammar and plagiarism checkers. The absence of such essential features toughens up the work with this platform. Up to this point, the picture does not look good for The Good.AI, doesn’t it? 

However, services are not the only factor that comprises the value-for-money proposition. Another criterion that we check is accessibility. The A*Help experts try to understand it from the student’s viewpoint. At first glance, it may seem that this AI essay writer checks the user-friendly box. But, when the work with The Good.AI continues, it looks quite the opposite. This service is solely accessible through the website and has neither an extension to work in Google Docs nor an application to tackle the homework from the phone. 

A screenshot of dashboard at thegood ai
Dashboard at The Good AI (click to see a large picture)

So, when learners make their final decision to use The Good.AI as their guide on the educational path, they can use the platform for free. However, please note that this option comes with limitations. At the moment of our mystery shopping, The Good.AI lets you generate only 100 words of text free of charge. In our case, we asked the tool to generate 550 words to write an essay. Since we exceeded the limit, the service offered us a subscription. This way we could continue working on our assignment. The said subscription comes with a fee of $5 per month and is regarded as quite affordable for students money-wise. 

Moving on to the most intriguing part – the text creation process. When it comes to creative brainstorming, The Good.AI does not seem to have a problem with that. But the A*Help team knows that the first draft is never good enough. So, rewriting is available on the platform. But please note that the tool will rewrite the whole text from scratch. Good.AI works by the scheme “out with the old, in with the new”. The structure you liked, the witty remarks that made you smile – all that will be rewritten. On the other hand, there are moments when the whole text syncs with the main idea but there is that one sentence that feels like an outcast. Sadly, paraphrasing is not an option on the platform, so every user has to follow their creative capacity when editing the final paper. As well as the summary of the paper, this final part is in the learner’s hands. 

Considering all that, The Good.AI does not meet student expectations in the academic environment. Lack of services, accessibility, and few text generation options resulted in a grade of 5/25 points according to the rigorous A*Help evaluation rating. 

Subscription & Limits
Free trial
Text creation options

User experience with The Good.AI: Overall Experience — 18/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It should not surprise anyone – students are loaded with tasks and projects. So, when they find a tool to work with, it should not chip away at their time. On the contrary, it should bring value to every minute they are on the platform. 

The Good.AI’s name initially builds trust with its users. Especially, it seems to tune it with students and show good results so that everyone is satisfied. 

The A*Help team starts working with the platform from the very obvious step – the website. Such an aesthetic yet simple and minimalistic interface can certainly lure many learners who are on the search for straightforward answers. We confirm that overall the platform is easy and intuitive and total newbies can get the hang of it fast. However, trying out the service requires registration. 

The following step is also fairly clear. To log in all you need to do is to provide your email address. Regrettably, our team could not speed up the process by using third-party registration methods, such as Apple, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft accounts. 

Now, it is time to start creating the task. The Good.AI does not disappoint and generates a written piece in split seconds. Earlier we described the intricacies of the wordcount limitations. The affordable monthly subscription does offer to generate more than 100 words yet, it is not limitless. With this premium plan, every user can ask to generate up to 1200 words and use an AI autocomplete.  

  • Recently, The Good.AI has overlooked their limit plan and as of now, users can generate 150 words on the free plan, and 1500 with a monthly subscription.

Since we are on the subject of the payment, our team checks the inclusivity even of this step. The Good.AI accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards. But the online wallets, namely Paypal,  ApplePay, and GooglePay, were not available at the moment of our mystery shopping experience.

A screenshot of generated essay atgood ai
Generated essay at Good AI (click to see a large picture)

In the course of our experiment, we observed that The Good.AI relies on its functionality, simple interface, and intuitive flow. From their point of view, it seems to be a rather daring way to think so. To truly earn the name of an inclusive service it would have been better to include support guides and chats for those who are new to AI tools and are trying to navigate this modern advancement on their own. 

The Good.AI shows satisfactory results in the overall experience aspect. A swift text creation and a user-friendly website make a good impression. Therefore, the platform received 18 points out of 25. 

Website Experience
Text creation time

Final words on The Good.AI

The Good.AI is a platform for those who are looking for a tool for writing short-form essays. It is fast and modest in pricing. Yet, its pros end here. The lack of services, poor accessibility, and limited text submission features do not cover all academic requirements. The positive aspect of this AI text generator is that it can create a decent copy that students can use as a pattern for their writing. 


The Good.AI Reviews

Our experts always take things seriously even before we start conducting mystery shopping. The first step we take is to test the waters. The A*Help team gathers valid feedback from real users on the following sites such as Reddit, Sitejabber, and Trustpilot. Together with their comments and our experience of working with the chosen service we can share honest insights in our reviews.

Is The Good.AI a Scam?

Academic Help always works with credible platforms. The Good.AI created an academic-level task for us. Therefore, our team can state that this service is not a scam. 

Is The Good.AI Legit?

Having worked with The Good.AI, our experts can confirm that this is a legitimate tool. Most importantly, A*Help only works with legit services and platforms with a decent number of trusted users. 

Is The Good.AI Safe?

Not only do we work with legitimate but also safe services. Our experts did not encounter any security issues while using The Good.AI. The only personal information the platform required was the email address to create an account. 

Is The Good.AI Trustworthy?

Academic Help used The Good.AI to create an essay. The result was satisfactory and the created text met the US university standards. 

Is The Good.AI a Good Service?

We never miss out on necessary criteria when we evaluate the services and platforms. The Good.AI gained 57.6/100 points of the A*Help score. 

Is The Good.AI Free?

Yes, The Good.AI is free, but such a plan comes with limitations in the word count and AI autocomplete.  If you need to generate more than 100 words, subscribe to a monthly plan that costs $5. It will increase the word limit to 1200 words and will offer AI Autocomplete, advanced essay options, and unlimited texts to generate. Please, note that all numbers and fees were accurate at the moment of our mystery shopping.

Can The Good.AI write my College Paper?

The Good.AI is just like any other AI-powered service on the market. It is versatile, quick, and ready to assist. Nonetheless, the A*Help team highly recommends not relying on such services but rather using them as a helping tool.

Does The Good.AI have Anti-Plagiarism Features?

As of now, The Good.AI does not have an anti-plagiarism feature. During our experience, many features and services were missing from the platform. 

The Good.AI Specs

>Website experience 
Aesthetic Interface
Easy-to-use platform
Simple Essay creation flow
Trying before registration
Full time to generate essayA few seconds
Wordcount limits1200 words
> Support 
Support chat/phone
> Services 
AI chat
Research assistant
In-text citations
Reference finder
MLA and APA Citations
Grammar check
> Free trial 
Free trial/plan
Limits100-word limit
No AI Autocomplete
>Subscription & Limits 
> Text Creation Options 
> Text Formatting 
can create separately


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WitWalt October 12, 2023

yeah it crerates essays at the speed of light. ⚡ But remember, folks, even the fastest writer needs a good editor!

Oliver October 9, 2023

Despite the limitations, I think The Good AI could be a decent starting point for brainstorming or overcoming writer’s block. 🧱 Sometimes, starting is the hardest part!

PracticalPia October 6, 2023

I wish the good ai had more features for checking the quality of the content it creates. 🧐 Like, does it ensure the essays are not just plagiarism-free but also factually accurate?

Holly September 23, 2023

I wonder how The-Good-AI would perform with more complex writing tasks. Like, can it create a research paper with proper citations and a bibliography? I’m too lazy to try lol

SallyReid September 15, 2023

Ah, the good ai, creating decent copies for students to use as a pattern. But what if I want to be an original, not a copy.

Red_Socks_fan August 18, 2023

Ugh, the lack of a grammar checker and limited text submission features were a bummer for me. 😤 Ended up spending extra time proofreading and editing the content.

Fresh_Prince August 7, 2023

The platform design is simple and user-friendly, but I wish they had an app or something. Would make life so much easier for those all-nighter essay sessions!

TechTalk_Tina July 26, 2023

I’m all for technology making life easier, but how does The-Good-AI ensure the essays don’t all sound the same? Does it have a variety of writing styles, or will all users get similar sounding content?

BobbyRay July 13, 2023

Pricing seems fair, but only 150 words for free? C’mon, at least give us a full paragraph to work with! 😅

Thea June 28, 2023

I’m a bit concerned about using AI for essays. What if the tool starts creating content that’s too similar for different users? Wouldn’t that be a plagiarism issue waiting to happen?

CoolFynn June 30, 2023

I got the same thought! Especially with so many of us using it, I wonder how it ensures uniqueness in the essays it generates. They are smart over there at colleges and will soon set up some database for all essays users submit. Ai is great but it’s better to use it for inspiration or ideas. I prefer my work to be worse than AI’s but original

EssayElsa June 17, 2023

I tried using the-good-ai for one of my articles, and it was a mixed bag. Fast? Yes. Quality? It was okay but needed a fair bit of tweaking to make it sound like me.

Valentina Mcgee June 14, 2023

I prefer crafting my essays from scratch, but I guess it’s a good tool for someone who’s in a rush.

Maxim Cisneros June 10, 2023

Love it or hate it, AI is here to stay. Might as well embrace it and make the most out of what it has to offer!

Talha Simmons June 7, 2023

As a math major, I don’t write a lot of essays. But I have used it a couple of times for writing short abstracts, and it worked just fine.

Codemaster June 4, 2023

Interesting read! But I wonder how The-Good-AI manages to create content that’s not just coherent but also academically sound? Does it understand different essay structures or just throws in fancy words?

Vera Stafford June 3, 2023

I think it’s interesting how AI is stepping into the world of academia. But I feel like platforms like The Good.AI should invest more in improving their services. Especially when it comes to citation tools and grammar checkers.

Abu Colon June 3, 2023

Great review! Now I’m intrigued to see the kind of code that’s driving The Good.AI. Anyone up for a coding challenge?

Kirsten Matthews May 30, 2023

The Good.AI needs to step up their game if they really want to be a big player in the AI academic assistance market. For now, it’s a bit of a one-note symphony .

Renee Mcclure May 25, 2023

I understand the concern of Dr. Sybil Low about the ethics and efficiency of AI generators. It’s crucial to remember that these tools should assist learning, not replace it entirely.

Musa Clarke May 28, 2023

I completely agree with you. AI tools like these should aid in our learning process, not do the work for us.

Celeste Lewis May 21, 2023

The AI revolution is indeed fascinating! The Good.AI seems promising for generating drafts, but the lack of a plagiarism checker is a big no-no. Also, why would anyone want their essay to be rewritten from scratch? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having a tool to assist you in the first place?

Faris Villegas May 14, 2023

I mean, it’s AI. Of course, it’s not going to be a one-stop shop for all your academic needs. Use it to generate a quick draft, then put in the work to make it shine.

Jared Fuentes May 14, 2023

I have tried The Good.AI a couple of times, and I agree that the service is quite fast and affordable. But the lack of additional features like grammar checks and citation tools makes it less appealing for me.

Giovanni York May 11, 2023

I’ve had a positive experience with The Good.AI. Yes, it lacks some features, but it has helped me overcome writer’s block several times.

Thomas Shaw May 7, 2023

Interesting review, but as a medical student, it’s difficult to trust an AI with my assignments. Especially since they’re often very specific and require a deep understanding of complex topics.


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