UPDF AI Review:
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A*Help Score: 76.7/100
🔥 published September 26, 2023 - updated May 17, 2024

Quick Overview

UPDF is an AI-integrated document editor that can not only help you arrange your documents online but also create a quality piece of writing based on the sample. With its help, just in 30 seconds, our team created an essay that scored 87.7/100 pts proving the quality of the platform’s AI writer. We also noted a variety of extra features such as a reference finder, research assistant, and citation creator. In general, UPDF left us with a satisfactory user experience that we received without any charge thanks to this free essay generator.

The Good
  • High-quality essay
  • Can be used for free
  • Fast text creation
The Bad
  • Poor text arrangement options
  • Can’t try without a profile
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UPDF Review

UPDF: Paper Quality — 33.7/50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

We worked with UPDF and found that it produces content with decent quality. Taking into account our evaluation together with a professor’s assessment, the final score for the paper quality is 87.7/100 points. The text shows high integrity and appropriate length. However, as we noticed, there are areas for improvement, especially in grammar, with a score of 63%. The reasoning and logic aspects of the text scored 78%, indicating room for enhancement in efficiency and objectivity. The absence of formatting and referencing in the text submission suggests a need for manual intervention in these areas.

Paper score: 87.7

⭐Parameter✅Personal Essay
Paper score87.7/100
Creation time30 seconds
Number of words580 words 

UPDF: Value for Money — 22/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

UPDF stands out with its perpetual subscription option, offering lifetime access for a one-time payment of $52.99 This, along with its range of services like AI chat and citation tools, presents good value for users looking for long-term AI writing assistance. However, the absence of essential features like grammar checking and plagiarism detection might detract from its overall value.

A screenshot of pricing at UPDF
Pricing at UPDF (click here to see a large image)
Subscription & Limits
Free trial
Text creation options

UPDF: Overall Experience — 21/25 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

UPDF offers a mix of efficient text generation and a range of useful features like a research assistant and citation tools. However, we believe that the platform’s interface could be more intuitive, making it a bit challenging for new users to navigate. The lack of a grammar checker is a significant drawback, especially for users who rely on AI tools for polished, ready-to-publish content.

Dashboard at UPDF ai
Dashboard at UPDF (click here to see a large image)
Website Experience
Text creation time


UPDF Reviews

In our ongoing mission to present comprehensive information, we dig into platforms like TrustPilot, Reviews.io, Sitejabber, and Reddit. We search for negative feedback, identify the most genuine concerns, and highlight them in our Negativity Rank section. Our goal is to ensure you’re aware of potential challenges before using any service.

Is UPDF a Scam?

No, after our thorough examination, UPDF is not a scam. We used the platform and determined that it offers the services it claims to.

Is UPDF Legit?

UPDF has carved out a niche for itself and has a considerable user base that speaks to its efficacy. Based on our research and the broader community feedback, UPDF is a legitimate platform.

Is UPDF Safe?

Throughout our evaluation of UPDF, we didn’t find any evidence of data breaches or the need to provide personal information upon signing up. Therefore, we can conclude that UPDF is safe to use.

Is UPDF Trustworthy?

Our team tested out UPDF as an AI essay writer and was satisfied both with the convenience of the service as well as the final paper result. That’s why we can firmly state that this platform can be trusted.

Is UPDF a Good Service?

According to our assessment, UPDF scored 76.7/100 pts on the A*Help scale. It’s a great result that shows the platform can be useful for those needing help with academic writing tasks. 

Is UPDF Free?

UPDF is not a free service. It has a yearly plan that costs $32.99. However, there’s a free trial that is only limited to 100 questions for AI assistants. So you can use UPDF for free until you use out the stated limit.

Can UPDF write my College Paper?

Yes, UPDF can be a great tool to help you craft a high-quality college paper. We tested it ourselves and created the essay that received 87.7/100 pts. Nonetheless, while UPDF offers a suite of tools, it’s still crucial to determine whether it aligns with your specific academic needs.

Does UPDF have Anti-Plagiarism Features?

No, UPDF doesn’t have a plagiarism checker on its platform. The service does have a bunch of other useful features such as reference finder and citation creator.

UPDF: Specs

> Website experience 
Aesthetic Interface
Easy-to-use platform
Simple Essay creation flow
Trying before registration
Full time to generate essay30 seconds
Wordcount limitsnone
> Support System 
Support chat/phone
> Services 
AI chat
Research assistant
In-text citations
Reference finder
MLA and APA Citations
Grammar check
> Subscriptions & Limits 
UPDF Pro – $32.99/year
UPDF Pro + UPDF AI: Standard – $36
Unlimited – $79
One-time payment for life access$52.99/perpetual
UPDF Pro + UPDF AI -$47.99/perpetual
Wallets (ApplePay, GooglePay, Paypal)
American Express
> Free trial 
Free trial/plan
Limits100 questions for AI assistant
> Text Creation Options 
> Text Submission 
Structure✅, paragraph structure

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Larry Fields January 5, 2024

This software is totally worthless. I tried to fill out a fillable PDF form and although I was able to fill it out, no one else could even open it. I contacted the company and after back and forth with several email they could not fix it and told me, “Sorry we can’t help you”. They were aware of this problem but when I asked for a refund they said “NO” you are past the refund time period. The OCR (Optical Character Reader) doesn’t work, either. My son can attest to that. This software can’t do half the things they claim. I would give it 0 stars if that were possible. You should also know it is made in China which is dangerous by itself. Stay with Adobe Acrobat and don’t waste your money.


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