Management Essay Topics

In recent years, management has gained immense popularity among students as a major choice. The discipline has captured the attention of numerous individuals seeking higher education due to its inherent appeal and the wide range of opportunities it offers. Students are highly interested in pursuing management careers for several compelling reasons. Management provides a versatile skill set applicable across various industries and sectors. By studying management, students can learn leadership, organizational behavior, strategic planning, and decision-making. This comprehensive skill set prepares them for a diverse array of career paths, including roles in business, government, nonprofit organizations, and even entrepreneurship. The allure of management also lies in its potential for personal and professional growth. Many students are attracted to the dynamic nature of managerial positions, which offer the chance to influence and shape organizational outcomes. Management roles often come with opportunities for advancement, increased responsibilities, and the potential for lucrative salaries. This combination of growth potential and financial rewards makes management an appealing choice for ambitious individuals looking to build successful and fulfilling careers. So, let’s take a look at the popular topics that often drive future business leaders to seek help from these essay services.

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Management essay topics

Business Crime, Antitrust, and Bankruptcy
Evaluating Performance
Innovation Management and Creativity
Analyzing Ricoh Case Study
Background Checks
Chatbot Development for SABB
Develop Your Influencing Skills Step-by-Step instruction
Drug or Alcohol Abuse on the Job
Empowerment as a Pivotal Deterrent to Employee Silence: Evidence from the UAE Hotel Sector
Factors influencing customers’ acceptance or usage of augmented reality the fashion industry.
Global Business Economics and Finance
Honeywell Company
i-Care Professional Practice Model applied to Model of Care in Saudi Arabia
Operation management- article summary
Problem Statement, Methodology, Research Plan
Rehumanizing Poult Biscuits: empowering factory workers
Rural Ambulatory Surgical Centers
Should Sid’s weight be a factor in bill’s decision?
The significance of Luhmann’s theory on organisations for project governance by Aal (2022)
Toyota 2022 cyber risk management
Week 5
Research Memo On Forecasting and Inventory Management
Company-specific factors that influence the financial leverage of maritime shipping companies
Business Excellence Innovation in Saudi Arabia
Case study of contract management process maturity of the US Navy
Emotional Intelligence and its importance to effective leadership and employee management –
Industry Cloud Platforms
Informational Interview and Reflection
Innovation Challenge and Entrepreneurial Creativity
Leading Teams
Limitations on Patient Access
Operating in a Global Environment
Professional Project Manager, pros and cons.
Recession handbook for American Express
Research theme of innovation and project management and relationship between them in organizations
Southwest Airlines – Kotter’s Stages of Change Assignment
The Lack of Patient Access in a Healthcare Organization
Week 6
Functional Analysis
Operating in a Global Environment
Promotion Analysis and Sales Plan
Risk Audit
Total Quality Management
Week 7
Compliance Training and Education
Decision Support Systems: Process of Reporting Notification
Employer’s Role in Employees’ Mental Health
Enterprise cybersecurity program
How management teams can have a good fight.
How Social Media Sentiment Affects Stock Prices
Huobi Technology
Impact of Hurricane Katrina on National Disaster Response
Impacts on Built Environment Report
Nike Competitive Advantage
Operation Management
Problem, Assessment and Solution
Starbucks Coffee Company: Transformational and renewal
The burnout of social workers
The Empathy Walk
Wake Wood Case Study
Week 8
Cailyn Case Study
Change Model Assignment
Disabilty Rights
Leadership, Change Styles and Creating Change
Machine Learning-based fraud detection systems in banks.
Museum of Flight
Strategic Solution for Hotel Management to survive post pandemic
The volume of trade in Dubai
Week 9
Aramex company Operation and Supply chain Management
Boeing 737 Forecasting
Capital Budget
Case Analysis Can It Develop a Strategy to Connect With Consumers in 2017
Factors influencing customers’ acceptance or usage of augmented reality in the fashion industry.
Health Care Current Events
Machine Learning-based fraud detection systems in banks.
Management theory
Risk Management Notting Hill Carnival
Statement , Mission And Values
The Contribution of the Saudi National Culture to the Success of Local Retail Beauty Business Start-ups in Saudi Arabia
The impact of IHI’s Triple and Quadruple Aim Initiatives
The Use of Drones for Law enforcement Purposes
Week 10
Analysis of Project Management Methodologies for Coca Cola Company
Applicability of Diffusion of Innovations Theory in a Globalized Era
Coca Cola Company
Impact of Environmental Value to Environmental behaviour
International marketing management
Management Information Systems
Marketing Management
Nike’s DTC Distribution Strategy
Profile of a Successful Company
Project management
Project Success
Recent and historical disasters in developing countries, planning and information
The Evolution of the NYPD Counterterrorism Bureau After 9/11
The impact of communication and collaboration on project scheduling
Tools of Quality control
TQM Fundamentals
Week 11
A day in the life of ALex Sander.
Coca Cola Company
Design for Business Transformation
Etisalat Company rebranding
Executive Summary to CEO
Financial Projections
Frauds and Scams in Social Media
Improving Data Governance
Military Involvement in Border Security
Ryanair Operation management
Social Media influences on tourism and hospitality industry
Strategic Management for Sustainable Leadership
Strategic Planning and Control Measures for the Sustainable Operation of World Class Museums
Supply chain management anlytics
The UN global compact: Advancing or impeding corporate sustainability
Week 12
Capacity Planning
Factors Influencing Customers’ Acceptance or Usage of Augmented Reality in the Fashion Industry
Great Western Hospital : High-Risk Pregnancy Care Case Study
Leadership Approach
Personal Worldview and Business Ethics
Selection of a Struggling Company
Situational Analysis
The Dark Side of Projects: Examining the Impact of False Reporting in UAE projects
To Err is Human
Unethical Leadership – Toxic workplace Culture
Week 13
Board Presentation of Workforce Issues
Collaborative Technologies and the Internet of Things
Companies Are Shifting from Evaluating Performance
Economic Effects of Bond Yields
Economic Impact Analysis of Sports Facilities and  Events : Eleven Sources of Misapplication
Field Observation: Public Works Facility
Human resource management
Listening and Communicating with Empathy
Price Discrimination in Practice
Risk Management
Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness
Week 14
 In the News: Database Trends and Applications Submission
Alternative Housing assistance policy for the UAE federal government and its implication on the UAE’
Biomedical waste management
Compensation and Benefits
Corporate Social Responsibility
Employment Law
Enterprise Systems Demonstration
GHG Protocol
Healthcare Entry-Level Professional Skills (HELPrS) Summer Internship
Home Depot
Industry Pitch speech
IRB submission and Inform consent
knowledge management
Leading and Managing in A Global Environment
Leading Effective Groups and Teams
Literature Map
Management Research Perspectives
Performance Management and Training
Recruitment and Selection
Restaurant industry in the U.S
Retention and Separation
Team leadership and conflict management.
Team Performance and Productivity
The Integration of Artificial Intelligence Systems in Governments to assist  Strategic Decisions
Turnround at the Preston plant
Week 15
 Personal Assessment of Managerial Skills
Business Intelligence and Data Analytics-Pharmacy
Ethics in Epidemics
How organizations handle mental health-related issues in the workplace
Quality management in healthcare
Renewable energy in middle east
Risk Management in Closures of Clinics
Strategic Analysis
Strategy Plan for Wooden Coffee Company located in Saudi Arabia
Week 16
Contemporary Management Today
Elements of an Effective Strategic Plan
Harvard Advanced Management Program
Human Resource Management – Binying Huang
Leveraging Results to Build Brand in the Health Sector
Performance Managment
Performance-Based Contracts in Logistics for Nike Co.
Ryanair Operation management
Strategic Report: Performance Management
TQM Fundamentals
Week 17
A Cultural Conflict
An Evaluation of the Impact of Industry 4.0 on Supply Chain Management in the Engineering Sector
Analysis of Conflict Style
Business Analytics
Core Competence of the Corporation
Diversity of Women in the Workforce
Ethics, Values, and Motivation Self-Analysis
Factors Influencing Customers’ Acceptance or Usage of Augmented Reality in the Fashion Industry
Project Management Domains
Supply Chain Management
The effectiveness of salary bonuses on staff motivation.
The role of technology in tourism management
Week 18
Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
Kotter Change Management Model
Leveraging Search Technologies
Managerial Approach to Marketing
Managing Operations
Parable of the Sadhu by Binying Huang
Risk Management
The determinants of consumers’ use of digital payments
The role of technology in tourism management
Week 19
Alternative Housing assistance policy for the UAE federal
Aviation Finance
business and ethics
Business Proposal for new Starbucks drink
Comprehensive Security Plan
DB Funding, Resources and financial Management
Developing recovery strategies for SME in Oman
Disadvantages of Holocracy
Identifying Stakeholders and Forming Alliances
Incident Management During Hurricane Katrina
Operations Management
Strategic Planning Exercise
World Wide Technology (WWT)
Yearly Evaluation
Week 20
Aligning IT Strategies to Business Strategies
Analysis Following Custody-Based Voter Registration Campaigns Within Adult Correctional and Resident
Disadvantages of Holacracy
Emotional Intelligence affectioning on Employee’s performance in the workplace
Importance of ESG on the Reinsurance Placement of Risks
Information Visualization Parking Space Usage
JSW Steel competitive advantage
Judicial Control
Knowldge Management
Legislative and Executive Control
Management of Technology
Management of Unnecessary Organs
Market Entry
Marketing paper
Office Protocol for Client Services at C-Suite level
Organization Design and Development 
Performance Managment
Product Development at StubHub
Sports, events, entertainment concerts
Week 21


Popular topics for management research papers often revolve around areas such as leadership styles and their impact on employee productivity, the role of technology in business management, and conflict resolution strategies in the workplace. Research can also focus on the effects of organizational culture on employee satisfaction, the influence of corporate social responsibility on brand image, and strategies for successful change management. The role of diversity and inclusion in the modern workplace is also a pertinent topic.

How do I choose a research topic in management?

Choosing a research topic in management involves a process. Start by identifying your areas of interest within the broad field of management. Next, review existing literature in these areas to understand what has already been researched. Look for gaps in current knowledge or areas that need further investigation. Consider the feasibility of the research – think about whether you can access the resources and data needed. Finally, ensure the topic aligns with your assignment’s guidelines or academic or professional goals.

Current trends in management research include a focus on remote work and virtual team management, the impact of artificial intelligence and automation on workforce management, sustainable and green practices in business management, and the effects of globalization on management strategies. There’s also a growing interest in studying employees’ mental health and well-being in relation to management practices.

How can I find reliable sources for management research paper topics?

To find reliable sources for management research paper topics, search academic databases such as Google Scholar, JSTOR, and EBSCOhost. These databases contain a wealth of peer-reviewed articles and papers. Also, consider checking out the websites of reputable management and business institutions, like Harvard Business School or the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, which often publish their own research. Lastly, don’t forget to critically evaluate sources for their credibility and relevance to your research.

How do I narrow down a broad research topic in management?

To narrow down a broad research topic in management, you should first understand the scope of your topic. Then, identify a specific aspect you want to focus on. For example, if your broad topic is ‘management leadership,’ you could narrow it down to ‘the impact of transformational leadership on employee motivation.’ You can also limit the scope of your research by focusing on a specific industry, geographical region, or time period.

Are there any ethical considerations in management research?

Yes, there are several ethical considerations in management research. These include respecting the privacy and confidentiality of research participants, ensuring that participants give informed consent, avoiding deception, and conducting research that is free from bias. Researchers should also acknowledge and cite sources properly to avoid plagiarism.

What are the key challenges in conducting management research?

Some key challenges in conducting management research include accessing and collecting reliable and relevant data, ensuring the study is ethical and unbiased, dealing with the dynamic nature of management trends, and interpreting data meaningfully. Researchers may also face challenges securing funding for their research or obtaining the necessary permissions to access certain data or locations.

How do I develop a research question for a management paper?

Developing a research question for a management paper involves identifying a specific area or issue that you want to investigate, reviewing the existing literature to understand what is already known about the topic, and then formulating a question that seeks to fill a gap in the current knowledge. Your research question should be clear, focused, and complex enough to warrant a detailed investigation.

What are some examples of quantitative research topics in management?

Quantitative research topics in management often involve investigating numerical data or measurable variables. Examples of such topics could include examining the correlation between leadership style and employee productivity, the impact of diversity on team performance, or the effectiveness of different strategies for managing organizational change.

What are some qualitative research topics in management?

Qualitative research topics in management typically focus on exploring behaviors, perceptions, and experiences. Such topics could involve studying the role of organizational culture in employee satisfaction, understanding how managers cope with ethical dilemmas, or investigating the experiences of employees in virtual teams. Other possible topics include exploring the challenges female leaders face in male-dominated industries or understanding the impact of corporate social responsibility initiatives on employee morale.

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