AI, or Artificial Intelligence, really simplifies a lot of complicated tasks, and making videos is one of them. Thanks to AI tools, turning your ideas into videos for work or fun has become super easy.

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There’s a bunch of these video-making tools out there, but one that really stands out to me is It’s awesome because it lets you create personalized AI videos with your own virtual presenter. If is new to you, let me give you a quick rundown on why it’s so cool.

What is is a super cool video-making tool that’s all about making your life easier. Imagine being able to whip up your own customized videos with a virtual presenter in just a few minutes – no need for a camera, no fancy studio, or messing around with a green screen.

Here’s the scoop: You can write a script or even just start with an idea, and turns it into a video for you. It’s like having a magic wand because it uses something called GPT-3 to make it all happen. Plus, you get to pick from different AI presenters to find the one that fits your video just right, making your content stand out.

Don’t have a script? No problem! You can take any article or piece of text and transform it into a video in no time. Whether you’re looking to create training materials, marketing clips, or just fun posts for social media, has got your back. free tiral has a clean and modern design. Very catchy. On their website you can find all necessary infomation about the features, pricing, resources, you name it. In case users get confused, there is an easy-to-notice ‘Help’ button 👌. registration form
The registration in not rocket science. All you need to do is to write down your name or a nickname, email and create a strong and secure password. Voila 💅! personal form gives you the power to structure the workspace for your needs. Which is 100% a great touch. This service is great for both personal and corporate goals. Moreover, any user can chose a niche they are going to use for. There are fields from E-commerce and Real Estate to Learning, Marketing, Sales, and much more. Plus, you must not be bound to pre-made categories. By choosing “Other” you can specialize the field you are working in ⚖️. Review: Create AI Videos
Having answerd the form, you are ready to explore the features at Any user can pick from an array of tools and templates. For example, you can either go with the flow of or upload a presentation to use as a foundation or deal with the avatar’s visuals. Note that the latter can with the paid subscription. AI storyboard
We decided to try out their AI feature to the fullest and went with ‘AI sotryboard’. Since we chose ‘Learning & Development’ field of our job, our team decided to try out how useful can be at creating short informative videos for students 👩‍🏫. AI storyboard draft
Having waited only a few minutes for the platform to generate information, we received a short outline. This draft was fin for us. But in case it does not provide the info you need from the first attempt, press ‘Regenerate outline’ button without hesitation 💯. edit a story
Alright, now we are looking at the final draft. From now on, users can add, delete, edit, write, and in needed, completely change the visuals. There are so many options🤩! select a voice
Since is here to create useful videos, it has a greate range of voices. From American and British to Hindi, Bengali, Catalan, Arabic, European, and more 🔉. If you want to bathe in this variety, get ready to splurge on a paid subscription 😉. change avatar
What a great surprise! If you start to feel a tad different about the initial choice of your avatar, you can chance it along the way. Or pick other, more presentable or laid back, pictures of the exisiting avatar 😎. upgrade the account
Yey! When you are done, click that ocean-blue ‘Render’ button on the top right corner and witness magic 🧙‍♀️. Just another heads up: upgrade your account to finally see that beauty that you created 💸. If you’re looking for possibilities to use this tool for free, convert your presentation into PDF doc and enjoy! pricing
Check out pices for the paid subscription plans.

Wrap Up is an amazing tool for quickly making AI videos. It’s packed with cool features, including a huge selection of avatars and voices to choose from. Why not give the free version a whirl? You’ll see just how handy it can be!

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