If you have a ton of tasks that keep piling up instead of getting checked off your To-Do list, then you are in need of a multi-faceted solution. What can it be, you wonder? Your work and academic puzzlers have a solution: Protolyst.

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✅ AI Essay Writer ✅ AI Detector ✅ Plagchecker ✅ Paraphraser
✅ Summarizer ✅ Citation Generator

What is Protolyst?

Protolyst is a cool web app that’s all about making note-taking super easy and polished. Imagine being able to grab all your important bits of information and sort them out neatly. That’s what Protolyst does! It’s like having a helper to gather all your knowledge and make it work smoothly in your daily tasks.

How to use Protolyst

Alright, the AcademicHelp will get to the nitty-gritty with a quick and simple guide. Frankly, at first gance, Protolyst does seem to have a complex structure. But the more we started to understand how it worked the clearer everything appeared. So, put your feet up and meet Protolyst.

Protolyst registration form
Every user will start their journey with an easy and fast registration form. Protolyst does not need much from you, just enter an email address and whip up a secure password and you are good to go.
Protolyst personal space organisation
After the first technical step you need to personalize the working space. Give it a name that would resonate with your goals. Then do not forget to choose form the drop-down list a filed you are working in. There are many various choices from Academic Writing to Product Management and Study Notes. Do not seem to find the one you are looking for? No toruble, you can create your own category. And press that juicy “I’m ready” button (was born ready 😉).
Protolyst learn the basics
👋 Wave and say ‘Hi!’ to your personal space in Protolyst. First tip: Never say no to a tour. It’s a big slap in the face to hospitality. Unless, sure, it’s not your first time useng the platform. In the round-the-platform tour you can learn everything about “Sidebar”, “Page Types” (type notes, add PDFs and PPTs, insert links and create folders) and so much more.
Protolyst users
A great bonus Protolyst offers is the multiple-user access to the working space. You can be in this gig as a solo artist or you can invite friends or co-workers to be productive together 🧑‍💻.
Protolyst paid plan
If you want to uncover more power, Protolyst offers an upgrade. With a Pro Plan you can make any feature unlimited as well as your power to succeed.

In short, Protolyst is a great space for you to get ready for the upcoming test, keep all your lecture notes neat and organized, put necessary reading in the correct order, sturcture meetings and key takeaways from them.

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